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  1. 29 entries so far. only another 40/50 needed lol
  2. you should do some makita one ways in the front to go with your trailer full of logs up the back
  3. no problem re car rego. it's just a rough indication of what is coming if we have any issues with the camp or the constabulary
  4. entry form is now up (in first post and this one). It will be live until the 31st of July http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/dffjlL2y0hnac8oGv
  5. So would you guys like a BBQ like previous years or a catered meal? if we go for the catered meal option it will be slightly more expensive. cost will be around the $100 for the weekend. Once I finalize that detail I will get the entry form up
  6. Hanmer Springs Meet The dates for this event have now been locked in. Dates: 25, 26 & 27th August 2017 Entry Form: http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/dffjlL2y0hnac8oGv Payment - Entry cost is $100. Entry includes accomodation, pools and merchandise. Please make your payment into the following account, using your oldschool.co.nz Forum username as the reference: Name: KA & KN Raines Account Number: 12-3072-0428296-01 Bank: ASB Entries so far:
  7. hard to believe its the same car! it's looking so good now. well done
  8. I should get the Cortina wagon sorted out for this /will probably just turn up in the 2zz doort machine (fielder)
  9. step 4 place valiant in the garage so remedial work can begin
  10. step 3 drag off the lawn using superior 4Jb1-t power
  11. step 2 inflate tyres
  12. step 1. look at poor neglected valiant
  13. took it for a wof this morning. also did a quick oil and filter change while it was on the hoist so that's all done. WIN!
  14. picture-less update.... spent some time on this tonight with datto_610 aka de-greg stripped the cooling system and cleaned. replaced rad hoses, coolant, thermostat,spark plugs and air filter. just an oil change left to go now. and probably a brake fluid change too, then wof time
  15. I'm pretty stoked with it. I don't think it's the same one but I shall ask Zac at some point