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  1. hard to believe its the same car! it's looking so good now. well done
  2. I should get the Cortina wagon sorted out for this /will probably just turn up in the 2zz doort machine (fielder)
  3. step 4 place valiant in the garage so remedial work can begin
  4. step 3 drag off the lawn using superior 4Jb1-t power
  5. step 2 inflate tyres
  6. step 1. look at poor neglected valiant
  7. took it for a wof this morning. also did a quick oil and filter change while it was on the hoist so that's all done. WIN!
  8. picture-less update.... spent some time on this tonight with datto_610 aka de-greg stripped the cooling system and cleaned. replaced rad hoses, coolant, thermostat,spark plugs and air filter. just an oil change left to go now. and probably a brake fluid change too, then wof time
  9. I'm pretty stoked with it. I don't think it's the same one but I shall ask Zac at some point
  10. I'm quite liking it myself. think I might hang onto it for a wee while. time to offload some Cortina junk...
  11. I didn't really need another car. I was pretty set to pass on owning it due to already having a moderate to large fleet of broken down shitters, impending surgery and another child being due in the coming months. With sitting for so long. it needed a bit of recommissioning work. due to not having alot of time at the moment due to some of the above things I was going to throw it under a tarp and forget about it for a few months. Dan (DPNS) - a mega GC was not overly keen on this happening. Since his project is currently on hold decided that he would take the lancer and get it running. this was relatively uneventful. the hardest part of it being that the fuel tank was blocked. I took it to the radiator shop to have it steam cleaned. Turned out it had rusted out inside and blocked the outlet from sitting with fuel in it for so long. It took a wee bit of messaging and calling people to find a tank. i eventually found one through a friend of a friend of a friend Dan installed it then drove it around to mine. next up I need to do a full oil/coolant etc service, replace the super crunchy rad hoses and attempt a wof.
  12. I got this off a workmate recently after it had been parked up since 2003 when he went overseas. it has sat in a dry shed the whole time so is still in really good condition. The previous owner wanted to get it back on the road one day so has kept the rego on hold for all these years. but unfortunately lost the garage space recently due to his nanna going into a retirement home. its a jap import 81 lancer 1800se 5 speed. imported in 1989. she's all original with no mods. unless you count the pimpin pine centre console lid as a mod.
  13. lush car. If you ever decide to part ways with it you should let me know....
  14. i have a spare sd23 turbo engine in my shed. its in chch. make me an offer i cant refuse
  15. What parts do you need for your m20b25? I have most of a motor sitting here that has dropped a cylinder