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Vk304's 87 Mazda rx7 series 4 bridgeport

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Bad news, i think all the irons are beyond repair, cracks in one of the bridge ports, and center of a iron20240423_144745.thumb.jpg.0cd5a19cff003ad5527760e71c402324.jpg20240423_152108.thumb.jpg.0f9eba00048be5ccca25b7ee66e937c3.jpg

I suspect the water was getting in here... maybe? There is some pitting in the face of the iron around here20240423_122204.thumb.jpg.7ba5bf41764570b5479e90df5e526cc2.jpg

And lots of substantial wear, i can catch a fingernail on a lot of it, makes me wonder why they are so deeply grooved and the alloy housings are mint...?20240423_113949.thumb.jpg.e42f711afaa2d430261355ea3df3e29d.jpg20240423_114041.thumb.jpg.fc94ab0be9b2a2736eafe6acdcb78c28.jpg

Anyways, on the lookout for decent s4 s5 irons now, i may get away with one of them but id rather some mint ones for peace of mind and they are surface coated so any lapping or machining would remove that i believe... correct me if im wrong ...

Well i gotta say, im not really surprised, but i am disappointed in the old 'built' engine with less than 5k kms 


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Soo i did some backyard hardness testing with various tools and the housing with the BIG wear marks or step wear whatever you call it is easily scratched with relatively soft metal, slightly harder on the unworn surface on the outside but still scratches, another plate will not scratch at all with the same tool (screwdriver), (not very scientific haha), but the plate that scratches easily and is worn, shows signs of having been sanded or something in the past. 20240424_124911.thumb.jpg.2f8a108235f95ae445a26faca33f667b.jpg

This leads me to believe someone may have surfaced one or more plates and ultimately removed some of the surface hardening, i could measure widths as well and other things but it still remains that ill need new plates anyway due to the cracking and exessive wear, potentially i could save one but ill see...


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Quick little job while im waiting on irons, the power steering had been removed before i got the car, i wanted to tidy up lines and properly convert it to manual steering as all the parts were missing, turns out the inside has a sort of a torque rod inside the steering shaft, this can cause some play if not running off the pump, welding the shaft halves up will give more direct steering, so i did that and removed all the lines/seals and plugged up the holes as well as add grease. 20240704_141737.thumb.jpg.d2ce0a93c7e7cd67ed72b3eda9ecb487.jpg20240704_150503.thumb.jpg.89778ed3eca154304a55100a0a0e9363.jpg20240710_143838.thumb.jpg.00f866016510134921b900524167de8a.jpg

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