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Vk304's 87 Mazda rx7 series 4 bridgeport

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Been chasing what i thought was an exhaust leak from my down pipe/ turbo vband, turns out the manifold had a decent sized leak, pretty easy fix and should be all sealed up tomorrow, with a resonator and the muffler its still bloody loud though, have tried plugging the exhaust tip with increasingly small pipes for wof but no luck...

So im looking at repacking or getting a bigger muffler now 



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Needs a better muffler, anyone know a brand that will shut this thing up for sure ? Adrenalin r, boiler, other? 3.5 inch too big to ask of a muffler to be quiet for a wof? I want to be able to run this on the street but not have a massive amount of exhaust backpressure, Link to discussion above...


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So im having a bit of a tidy up now, removed the turbo/intake area... happy to report none of that was leaking at the flange again so thats promising, decided to give throttle body an inspection, the tps was real sluggish to return and on further investigation not in spec in terms of resistance readings, some wd40 and compressed air cleaned out what ever gunk was holding it up and it now returns quickly...

The ohm readings at closed throttle were off, and i needed to adjust the screw and bend the bracket slightly as i had run out of adjustment screw.. 1k ohm at idle, 5kohm ohm WOT. Im assuming some wear happened or someone bent bracketry previously to cause it to be misaligned... a lot has been deleted off this unit, including cold start functions, secondary throttle blades and linkages, but it should all work good now... i aint forking out $300+ for a new tps... 


Its now in spec and im going to clean/weld up some unused ports on the intake and throttle body to prevent unnecessary leaks, at the moment everything is blocked off with plates, gaskets and hoses with bolts shoved in them... a little agricultural, tig should sort that out when i get argon tomorrow...


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