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Aubs minibike hotrod


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So heres my idea.

Thinking the irony of a electric petorl can is too funny

Outta random bits and bobs laying around.

So far ive done.

•chopped floor outta jerry can

•chopped up a swing arm to work on the can

•chopped up a small bmx welderd on a front

•Also have a cool little seat

I have a electric motor here that ill mount up and see how well it goes other wise ill go to a petrol motor but thought for shigs and gigs ill try the electric 1st


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Finished welding the head stock on after these photos tho.

Welderd up a bracket for my startermotot motor set up.

Test with a battery moves the bike well 

Some tru test wheels even will paint up and get some stickers made up will look dope



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