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I got Delta


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So I bought this old 14" bandsaw and the quality seems pretty good overall.

Apparently they still make it almost the same except cost-cutting has made the new ones not quite as good.

The blade was pretty wobbly so I thought it probably need new tires, and a quick look under the covers showed that was the case.


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Here's the bad bit.

For those of you who looked at the last pic and thought "why'd he take the drive shaft out?" - this is why.


It's been used quite a bit while all loosely goosey.

At some point someone has brazed the wheel side bearing surface and machined it, and they've done a decent job.

Unfortunately there's a bit of wear on the surfaces where the wheel itself goes on, and when you tighten it up there's about 5mm runout or side-wobble.

Obviously the pulley side is pretty lunched too.


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I had a chat with the guy who sold me the saw, and he was happy to give me a partial refund. Now I need to figure out how to repair it.

I don't have gas for the oxy/acetylene torch so I might try Tig brazing the shaft. I've never tried it before so it may take a bit of practice before I move to the real thing.

My myford 7 can only turn 10" in the gap and the wheel is 14", so I'll need to figure out how to set it up to bore it in the mill. Then I'll buy a bushing if I can, or make one up and broach the keyway in the lathe if not. I'll press it in and pin it.

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I might keep an eye out on ebay for a replacement shaft. They made shitloads of them over the years. I've seen a couple of wheels for not too much money but the shipping is pretty steep.

They used to make a gearbox for metal cutting. You could pull a lever to bypass it for wood. 

There was also a 6" spacer you could get to allow you to do a 12" high cut.

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