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dmulally’s 1965 Hillman Imp

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I think the leak is coming from the cam cover (I think) so I re-torqued that to factory specs. Christ there is nothing more scary than tightening already loose nuts on an engine with the strength of a bowl of porridge. 



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So Silverdale rads never got back to me so I have taken a bit of a leap of faith and gone for a Torana heater core for an auxiliary radiator. It has the same outlet pipe dimensions so that's a good start. I'll have to have a play with the housing and adjust it to fit in. 

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Hmmmm... After fixing that loose nut on the fuel pump the fuel pump no longer works. It came with a spare one so I'll go through the dance of swapping that over and fixing the oil leak at the same time. If that doesn't work I'll convert to electric. 

I'll do anything to avoid actually checking I have fuel in the tank I guess. 

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I was too lazy to wire in the temp gauge first and with a warm weekend coming up I wanted to keep things cool. 

So I plumbed in the aux cooler and moved the plate low and to the right to not block the cooler and direct air in. Should be good for another 1.3 horsepower. 



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Hmmmm so I took it out for some takeaway. The hoses heading forward used to be joined together and were too hot to touch where it snaked past your leg (oooh errr Vicar!)

Now the one going into the aux rad is warm to hot but not scalding like before. 

The one going back to the engine is cold. Even the outlet pipe is cold to the touch. 

So either it is cooling better than I ever imagined or there is a blockage in the core or something. 

I have parked it on a ramp to work any air bubbles back to the radiator overnight. 

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