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RE201's 1980 Toyota Crown

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A brief account the last 8 years of ownership:

  • Drove it to work for a while. The battery always seemed to have difficulty holding charge. It had a small non-original alternator and didn't ever seem like it could hold tension on the belt. I often had to trickle charge the battery, or get flats in inopportune situations, and was pretty nervy driving it at night.
  • Stopped turning over which was the end of it being my daily. Turned out to be bad contacts on the relay.
  • Wound up taking it to an Ron Wood Auto Electrical who diagnosed the alternator as being from a Honda. Apparently Honda and Toyota crank shafts spin in opposite directions which was causing havoc with recharging. Put a genuine Toyota alternator in. The car ran mean. Took it on a couple small road trips, then put it in storage and moved to Melbourne for 4 months.
  • Came back to Auckland and lived in a 30m2 garden flat on the student allowance. A friend offered her garage with the caveat that I couldn't get the crown out once it was in.
  • Parked it up. Used it for a friend's wedding once. Otherwise it stayed in there for 3 years.
  • Graduated, moved to Central Otago for 6 months. Moved back up here. Pulled the Crown out of storage, changed all the fluids and she fired right up. Drove her home, hand brake seized. Took the brakes apart and cleaned them, got new tyres and went to see the WoF man. Failed on brakes seizing again and brake master cylinder leaking.

The Crown in slumber:



First sunlight in years:


Back at home:




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