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Japawagons Ms110 Crown Of Tax.


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Discussion- http://www.oldschool.co.nz/phpbb/viewto ... 18&t=32844

So since Yowzer has too many crowns and projects already, I have kindly taken the MS110,

he has recently acquired as a part swap for my old MS65. And we have been working hard over the last week to get it up to a reasonable standard.

I got told I needed a more appropriate car for when my little boy arrives, but the only detail that was offered was that it needed four doors.

So BAM slammed to shit MS110 shall do the trick.

Anyway I shall just steal Yowzers posts on the subject and add them to this thread for now.

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So just because I need something to take to Nats, I bought this thing.

The idea was to use it as a parts car for my MS65, as it has goodies such as larger / vented discs, rear disc brakes, 4speed trans, power steering and some other goodies I could transplant. However the car was in way too good a condition to wreck. So now we are working on getting it road legal.


Quite a list..

So far we have replaced the alternator, replaced the drivers door window, repaired the right hand guard mirror, replaced the passenger door handle, fucked around with a portion of the electrics, wheels are currently getting painted + tyres, a new windscreen is hopefully on its way and bound to be some other things as well.

It is still a while off completion, but the engine starts 1st pop, the trans seems to cooperate (on a very short drive around the block at least) and there's no unusual noises coming from anywhere.




The paint should come up pretty bloody slick after a cut/polish.

In the meantime, I haven't touched the other car in quite a while.

Oh well.

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More progress.

Tyres fitted, wheels painted, wheels fitted.

Bumpstops removed, shortened, and reinstalled.

Door speakers fouled on the windows, which is why the drivers window shattered in the 1st place, so they were both removed.

Fixed electric window switch on rear door.

Sorted out most of the interior electrics

Fixed water leak

Removed "RUFF N RAW" sticker, installed Oldschool.co.nz sticker

So there's a large amount of fuck all left to do.

I'll snap some photos in the morning. The car needs a hell of a clean though. Gravel driveway + cats = very dirty car.

ATM planning on leaving the wheels satin black, Which was the easiest available colour that wasn't gloss, on my lunch break. Hopefully will find some chrome trim rings to offset the black out. I have found a cheap supply of whitewalled tyres but they are only in 15 Inch sizes. Closest being a 205/70 R15 which has a rolling diameter of an inch more than the current wheels.

This will cause epic rub at the current height, so some messing around in the future will be needed to try and suss something out there.

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Took the beast for a test drive tonight.

Going to be a few things to fix to make this beast legal.

The front wheels are rubbing epically. So going to have to raise the ride height a bit to get enough clearance for some steering.

Fuel Gauge Doesn't Seem to be working, either that or the tank is massive. Thirty Bucks doesn't buy much go juice these days.

Shocks are shagged, will find something a bit stiffer to handle to drop and hopefully get it riding a bit better.

And jesus that sticker on the front windscreen is horrendous but I might just leave it there for the time being. Live the thug life dream.

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Today, we fitted some spacer rings underneath the front springs, which has managed to lift the front end allowing steering clearance and eliminating the gay rake angle.

Car is presently sitting at approximately 105mm ground clearance, which should make in legal. Hopefully the correct dimmer relay shall turn up in the morning. $135 from Toyota. For a relay. Fucking gay. But project Nats must be completed and with what 10 days left, there wasn't much option.

The ME-U is currently idling at 1700 Rpm warm so thats next on the list.

Update with pics tomorrow, cause noone gives a shit about words.

Sitting at work at almost 10.30 updating, time to drive back to Hamilton.

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So today was an epic failure. Went backwards instead of forwards.

Front Windscreen has been declared fucked. Figured it would but was hoping I might get away with it. Shouldn't complain really.

Starting to get epically fucked off with trying to find the missing piece of the headlight circuit, Toyotas factory parts diagrams have been no help.

Here's some pics of the car with chrome beauty rings but I still can't decide what I think, I kinda agree with KK in saying I prefer just black on black, the rings make the wheels look too small.

If anyone with an ms110, 11, 12 on OS could hook me up with a picture of there relay box in the engine bay and some part numbers on associated relays, they would be saving my life and I shall hook them up with never ending cuddles. I believe it to be the Headlight Failure Indicator. But this is an educated guess.

One week till Nats track day and I still don't know if this will make it.

The six pin space is the culprit I am referring to:





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Headlights Now Sorted. Well operational at least, still not quite sure of the purpose of this missing relay.

I couldn't help myself and started fucking with the emissions controls after finding the EGR port completely blocked. The Cold Start Idle Bypasss was also not working at all.

Have reduced the high idle but now the engine has a hesitation in it. Very likely a product of a possible vacuum leak or me just fucking the vacuum circuit all together but hey at 10pm this shit happens. More research to ensue.



Thanks to a custom made relay - Yowzer 2012 Copyright (Electrical Magician)


The big port here was previously completely blocked with carbon.


2012 Toyota Emissions Control


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So had a productive day today.

Sorted out the vacuum advance circuit so now the car no longer has the hesitation caused by the advanced being stupidly advanced.

Got a small amount of polishing done. Got to test out the lemon juice and tin foil trick which works sweet. I reckon its at least as good as autosol.

I've painted the few primer / rust covered parts where there has been some dings in the past. Nothing flash just wanted to seal them up and make them slightly less obvious.

So the been lightly sand blasted, primed and sprayed in the left over black I had for the steel wheels.

I ended up having do a pretty serious rust patch in the Left Hand Rear Guard, Whoever has been there in the past better not be working as a professional because it was only one step away from a tin foil and bog job. Fucking terrible. So I have replaced the hole with steel. Not the flashest job ever but I plan on going back there when I have the time to completely replace the bottom of the guard. Its a collection of fucking rough patches atm. But it will hault the cancer for now and make it a little more presentable.

Rough night painting pics.





Feel kinda shit doing a half ass job due to the time frame but when I have the time I know ill go back and actually properly panel beat the beast so I can kinda let it rest.

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Just about to chuck the windscreen in... Never done one before... Kinda nervous I hope it all goes well... Fucked otherwise...

I was meant to be getting a hand from a local guru but that has fallen through and I feel a bit rude now trying to get smith and smith to come glue it it... Plus I have had no good experiences with the local smith and smith agent to date...

The car has to be together and finished to head down to Taupo 6am Friday morning, so I can't fuck around any longer.

It can only go completely tits up so wish me luck...

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Made it to Taupo and Rotorua for Nats, only major hick up was having to overhaul the left hand rear calliper in the Taupo Motorsport Track Carpark, as it seized on driving from Hamilton.

Spent the morning finding parts etc in Taupo but managed to get it all sorted and continue on with everyone to Rotorua.

Thanks to Heaps to Jase for your patience and help finding parts.

Have been checking out Yahoo Auctions and totally found a pic of the relay I am missing. If anyone has one lying around they don't need, I'm happy to take it off there hands.


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  • 2 months later...

Small Update. I've just been slowly tidying things up on this car.

Currently waiting on a few auctions to finish up on Yahoo to see if I will have some new flash bits for a bit my tidy.

Found Ewan at Hayatonka just as easy as to deal with as everyone has said, so I highly recommend using them for hard to find bits and pieces.

I had my KYB Shocks show up from the USA so I have fitted them and finally captivated the rear end properly, with the correct amount of compression, extension and droop.

If anyone is looking for oddball sized shock absorbers for lowered vehicles etc, I recommend measuring it yourself and looking through the KYB catalogues found online, don't bother with the NZ Importers.

I managed to track down a few badges unfortunately only one will do the trick. Currently sorting a conversion from Sealed to Semi Sealed Headlamps because they are fucking rubbish and it would be nice to see the road at night occasionally, Really should harden up and stop bitching about what makes old cars awesome.

A set of springs showed up from Chamberlains last Friday so I now need to fit measure and then adjust to drop to the height I want it at as the retarded fuckers who shorted the factory springs cut the wrong end... Meat Heads need angle grinder licenses.

Anyway pics cause words are gay.


The factory length shocks compared to the Ford Econoline shocks I ended up with. Nice stiff shock in both directions, rides sooo much better now.

As you can see I have upgraded from a 'Super Saloon' to a 'Royal Saloon'. If anyone has any spare crown badges or Royal Saloon badges that they are happy to part with please let me know. Especially an appropriate grill badge.


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  • 2 weeks later...

So i've been doing lots of little jobs on this lately to tidy her up and make it an acceptably original example. This is proving to be a slow, expensive exercise but I think it's worth it...

This package arrived from the mighty Japan.


Hailing this super awesome piece of originality. It will end up being purely there as an ornament as I am going to run a hidden Amp based audio system.


It will finally the hole in the dashboard that has been bugging me for months.

From this


To this.


Much Better I think.

I've also currently got all the carpet and interior out of the car to give it a massive clean up and to install the audio gear. Should make road trips a bit more bareable with some beats. Should hopefully have the headlights sorted next weekend after wiring a relay system in when I get some time...

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  • 1 month later...

Quarter of an update kinda. I've been doing a huge amount of work on this beast lately but being useless barely any photos have been taken.

I really need to start driving this again, I've only just done 1,000Km in it since it's been back on the road.

So so far I have:

- Installed Audio system, Run of 400W Amp, All the speakers and Amp are hidden away to keep the interior original.

- Interior Super Scrub and Tidy Up.

- Tidied Up interior Wiring.

- Installed Semi Sealed Headlights and Wired Up to keep the ability to return to original - Many Thanks Yowzer.

- Fitted New Front Springs - As the retard who cut the front springs originally cut the wrong ends. Have raised the ride height ever so slightly in the front to take care of the rake angle and Allow a bit more practical steering.

- Reshaped Bump Stops

To do:

- Make badge.

- Retrim Drivers Door Trim - Material Lands Wednesday Fingers Crossed.

- Find a God Damn window channel seal for Front Passengers Door!!

- And Lots Lots More.

So anyway the terrible space in the grill where the Crown Badge lives has been epically bugging me and I've have yet to find a replacement. So I've decided to make my own to fill the gap until I can track one down.

The Annoying Hole.






Now I've just got to decide what to put on it and how.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Gave up trying to find a replacement drivers door trim after missing out on a set that were for sale on Yahoo Japan...

So after searching around a tonne of local material suppliers such as Spotlight and the likes, I just gave up and went to our local Upholsters, C H Allen in Te Awamutu, Highly recommend btw, really nice guys. We fucked around for 10 mins in the sun and kinda loosely matched the vinyl colour to the original. If you've ever tried this, almost impossible...

Anyway here's my effort. Super frustrating but overly pedantic so I kept trying to make it perfect.

So clearly pretty messed up.


Found a donor door card, from the spare blue trim I had.






I reckon it turned out pretty sweet, Have chucked it back in the car and it looks much tidier.

The badge is at the engravers with a picture I've stolen off the internet and tweaked, but the engravers have been "really busy" / fucking slack. So apparently it will be finished late next week.

Also have tracked down a weather strip for the L/H Door, most frustrating thing in the entire world. Profile wise it should be right but who know's, nothing I've brought so far has been right so 3rd time lucky I guess...

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Nothing to exciting to update but I have received the new weatherstrip which is a perfect fit...

From this...


To this...


I've also got a little carried away, all the intake and fuel injection system is off the car and in a million pieces... I'm aiming to massively reduce fuel consumption before this goes back on the road... Photo's too come in the near future...

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So the Fuel Injection system is on it's way back together.

I've had the Injectors overhauled, Reset the Tappet Clearances and given the intake a bloody good clean out.

Lovely Bit's From Toyota.


I've got replacement Engine Coolant Temp Sensor and Cold Start Switch, which should help cut down the fuel guzzling.

I must say Toyota have been really good at sourcing the parts I've been getting off them and they aren't actually that expensive.

All was going well until this happened.


Mother Fucker!!!!

So after a couple of hours of painstakingly cutting the remainder of the thread out with a trimmed down hacksaw blade, I finally got these bits out.

I've tapped out the original thread and put a TimeSert thread insert in, which should be a decent fix. I don't recommend breaking a spark plug off. Ever.

Little Bastards.


Anyway hopefully this should be all together this week so I can chuck a Wideband up it's tail pipe and give it a real good tune.

All going well it should be making it's way up to Auckland for the Burger Fuel Meet next Tuesday...

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Picture-less Update.

So unfortunately 3 1/2 Weeks isn't long enough for the local etching and engraving place to do a small little job of putting my emblem onto the badge I made. Won't be recommending them to anyone anytime soon...

I finished off the final adjustments, set the timing, fitted the new oxygen sensor and now she starts up without any hesitation or excess fuel smoke and purrs like a kitten...

I took the mighty crown for a road test with the Wide Band O2 Sensor hooked up, wow, I was incredibly surprised at the results.

Light Throttle Acceleration - 14.6 - 14.7 (Lambda 1)

Cruise - 14.6 - 14.7

Wide Open Throttle - 13.3 - 13.5

Idle - 14.9 - 15.2

Almost the best results you could hope for really. I was expecting to get them anywhere near that.

Very happy indeed.

So we should definitely make it up to Auckland on Tuesday, which should give me a decent indication on the fuel consumption. To give you a rough indication of what is used to be, I filled the tank which I think is about 70 Litres which was roughly $145.00 and this lasted about 430 Km. If I've worked this out correctly is about 16L/100Km.

Consider my Uno uses about 5.5L/100Km, it was a little hard to accept.

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