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Vk304's 1985 vk commodore


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Looking very nice on this side, unfortunately the other side has a bog crack in the door and im unsure how ill fix, got no paint left and dont really want to end up with a different shade on the door... so may leave it there :(

20211224_184521.jpgwill have to vinyl wrap the bottom chrome to finish

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For the whole time ive been driving this ive had overheating problems, its fine to drive in colder weather and highway speeds, but this summer the issue came to light again.

Its only overheating to just above 100c but thats still not cool...  had a 16inch fan on it with custom shroud, and adjustable fan switch with radiator probe. Turns out this switch works when it feels like it and the fan doesnt have any balls... 

Punched the centre out of the thermostat to see if that helped... it diddnt

So i went to aussy spares again and yea got some ford au falcon fans, these are supposed to flow much better







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Chopped pretty much the whole shroud off because it diddnt fit, moved the top radiator hose and came up with a plan to attach the leftovers to a piece of 2mm aluminum by rivets into plastic, and then attaching the alli onto the radiator, giving the tightest fit possible, they are wider than the radiator but will fit ... 





20220127_091417.jpgused my 3$ metal shears i found at the local dump shop the day before lol, it was meant to be..



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20220219_143318.thumb.jpg.598d9fe015f20eb16cc62c1e59a19101.jpg20220219_143323.thumb.jpg.cea187e9240a2a9df29072bd15405627.jpgNice-got everything done, put in my davies craig fan controller tucked away, and put coolant in etc, was well pleased nearly done!

Untill it kept dripping on the floor, waited for a while, dried things off tightened hose clamps, waited...

still dripping, fuck somethings not right here....




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New radiator time ! 20220223_115336.thumb.jpg.674efe5971633d953df8b7b595f201b5.jpg

Wasnt planning on buying another but must have been a bit reckless in doing my rivets i managed to nick a core and put a hole in it, dont fancy tempory bogging with epoxy so tried in vain to weld it but too much crap on/in it and yea melty mess woops 

$300 later facebook deal, i got another one same size but made for down flow application, figured it wont matter as id move all the parts around and make it a functional cross-flow.

picked it up and as a bonus its a 4 row! Score . Old one was 2 row.. 20220223_123635.thumb.jpg.8eed2ec28b2a8f9ac42a69f1a2e32d68.jpg











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Then got to putting all the stuff from other one onto new one etc etc, this one i welded tabs on so the fans are removable, what a fuckaround for one rivet, anywho i learnded and put tape on my drill piece to prevent exessive penentrating

Pressure tested the whole thing with compressed air in a wheely bin full of water and no leaks ! 






I wanna keep this build thread thing accurate, not taking out all the misfortunes that evidently come with doing this stuff cheapishly ( with me anyways lol) 

Live and learn, or something like that 

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Anyone got a vk holden radio or ss interior parts (logo etc) ? ? Comment on my discussion link on first page... or a rear quarter plastic driver side exterior window trim...

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Radiators in, its polished so it kind of beams light out of the front but thats okay may paint black, still leaked after test drive, bottom hose had split and was generally sh#t, so brought new one from repco, only $30 and some new hose clips, now it doesnt leak..


Drove it to a mates in the country, was a trip ive done a few times with vk, and evertime i come back to town it would start to overheat to 110, 120'c.   . This time it was cool the whole time, and even in stop start traffic..

As an added bonus the temp guage i already had tells me the motor temp (middle gauge), new fan controller i can monitor in my glovebox is connected to radiator, so i can see it come up to operating temp, then when thermostat opens i can see the rad temp suddenly rise- giving me good visual on whats happening at all times..20220306_084854.thumb.jpg.71629c5a3ed152ff08992ee48d7eb512.jpg

Also can hear fans kicking in by relays in glove box, so no more guessing if they work or not, pretty stoked, overheating consistently but only just, for years... is pretty annoying, hope to have it sorted now. 

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Got some colour matched by linkup, sanded the bog crack out of the door and sprayed colour on it, clearcoated quarter and doors, cut and polished the lot and put ss decals on the other side ...its not mint but it looks nice and it got rid of the crack and uneven quarter paint 







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And this car also missing under load... and idle sometimes, hot or cold

Took plugs out and they all spark strong, plugs are new, ignition modules new, coils new, leads all the right ohms, cap and rotor cleaned, all cylinders have 150psi comp, injectors cleaned and all work, bit at a loss as to what it is

Might have to get it to do it again at idle and pull plugs to see if a cylinders cutting out ... 

Do these look lean? Discussion link is on page one...



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