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Valves with longer stems?

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11 hours ago, piazzanoob said:

@zep Ive got a bare 4ze1 cylinder head if you want it for dummy up purposes.

is cracked but is also clean. has no cam or valves or springs just caps.

its free it you want it as is in the scrap bin.

its from a 2.6 isuzu trooper 

Thanks for the offer but I think I'll be okay. I have a head and also you can buy new ones still, so if I mess this one up I should be okay!

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I wonder if any one reading this knows the factory length of a 2TC/3TC valve stem?

I was assuming that they were 110mm based on these, which I've been told will be fine for my head (https://www.speedfactoryracing.net/products/supertech-tivn-1063-supertech-performance-valves-toyota-2tc-3tc-intake-valve-44x8x110mm-ss-backc)

But there are all sorts of other aftermarket valves with different lengths. Basically I'm trying to find out what "factory length" means for these valves:


If it's 110mm then I'm good to go.

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Just to reply to myself further, I found this in a 2T/3T workshop manual.


Can I assume from this that the factory length is 109mm? And if so, if the 110mm valves are good on the exhaust, should I go for 109mm or 111.54 on the intake?

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