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well that was a quick month. shit. kaikoura hop next week so i've been doing small jobs instead of the big ones i should be doing. anyway. 
i bought some rubber and trim from palmside. 20200910_150931_copy_2064x1161.thumb.jpg.1b3217f46a26f2c77fe1df2ea2ef3e7f.jpg
Before, 20200910_152200_copy_2064x1161.thumb.jpg.cdb893a1e2c1489de337db4e10e1357f.jpg

After. so good. 


i bought some new brake flexi hoses as i was sure the old ones were giving me some of the spongey pedal feel, i havent tested them yet but the pedal does feel nice. 



the front screen rubber was shot so i took it out, and there was some surface rust there which i cleaned up and treated, i'll refit the screen tomorrow with the new rubber and trim. i topped up the diff level and gearbox also, and made an attempt at polishing the wheels... pics to follow

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Faaar out what a weekend. We travelled to Hanmer on Thursday and woke up friday morning to snow. lol. 


That was good fun though tbh, there werent any scary moments. Kaikoura bound, feeling very underprepared. 20200918_070611_copy_1651x929.jpg.462eee49c34f41c28c4e94cde24fe291.jpg

The Clutch master died on the way over. got lucky with the roadworks and managed to bang gears/  revmatch enough to get all the way into town without stopping once since leaving hanmer. i pulled straight into the caltex and spoke to the mechanic there. he rang round for me and tried to locate a rebuild kit but there wasnt anything anywhere he could find. i decided to try a brake master from a trailer, only as i saw one on the shelf at safe r brakes yrs ago and thought, hmm, that looks similar. turns out theyre identical. fuck yeah. shop across the rd had 2 in stock. the snow hadnt reached KK but the rain had, so i had 40 mins of getting wet and lying on the floor on a sketchy as fuck jack reching in through the wheel well to bleed it. but it worked. 20200918_090652_copy_1651x2935.thumb.jpg.9715f2f17fab6723921b84154d910156.jpg


the sun came out after i'd finished because of course it did so we cruised the strip a bit until we could check in. 20200919_152547_copy_1651x929.jpg.cf28a34c1e3a1bc0e8a314c744b4924c.jpg

Night time at south bay. 


then the sat cruise. I got hit, fairlane couldnt stop, smacked into a mini which then shunted me. the mini was badly damaged unfortunately. i feel really bad for the guy. 


i was pretty pissed off but did some stuff still, but mostly waited until the afternoon and parked my arse on the espalande with a box and watched the cars cruise. 

on the way home...


The damage. FU! its been a pretty intense few days tbh. 




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