Sams 1UZ Squirt

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Getting it home I cut/polished out some of the marks across the hull.


Did a bit of digging and found some tools, spares, etc. and since it came from southland there was a can of Speights in one of the seat pockets....


Wasnt happy with how the accel pedal was set up, the throttle isnt returning after you take your foot off which not only is a massive pain but also a safety issue....  The morse cable is old, probably gummed up.  When to take the front assembly off and some bright spark has welded it to the floor.... I cut the welds and will bolt it back once I figure out the issue....


Don't have any EFI experience but this presents an opportunity to learn.... bought a serial cable and read all of the main manuals online so I could plug it in a see what kind of tune was on it....  Doesnt look like anyone has gone to much effort with the tune, also there is no startup enrichment setup on it, likewise someones taken out the idle speed control (since the MS wont run the stock 6 wire unit).  I know as much as the internet/youtube is telling me so any advice is welcome...

WIth the heat exchanger setup I can uncouple the jet unit and use the garden hose as the water source to run it up in the drive.... the neighbors are going to love me...




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Pondering next steps on the ECU/1UZ...  with the idle control missing the start ups aren't that great...  would look to add one of the aftermarket 2-wire kits and somehow run an O2 sensor (I have some ideas)...  Thinking I might just stick with what it is for ~6 months, iron out some of the other things and then do the above, upgrade to a MS3 and run CoP with a fully sequential setup and put a new loom in.....

I bought this because it wasn't suppose to be 'a project'....

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Took it for another quick blat down the local river.

Still haven't been able to find a log manifold to rig up an O2 but jammed another 10% of fuel across the map and pickup/idle is a bunch better.  After fixing that sandtrap now bugger all leaks.  Need to put in some carpet to quieten the ride and get a road cover made.  


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Vid isnt the greatest and my dad didn't learn to hold it landscape but here is a quick blat up the Taieri river.  You can only go ~6km up the gorge and it quickly goes from placid to some heavy lifts to completely un boatable - didn't go as far to show those parts.


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Bought a few m of marine carpet and glued it into the front hull and sides.  Makes it look a bit tidier but also hoping it'll make the hull a bit quieter when on the water.  Mounted in a new fire extinguisher, coz, you know, safety....




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