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Akl workshop/storage available


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Do you of you fine akl folk require storage/ work space for your mean whip? 

I'm considering leasing a 3000sqft unit and could be keen to see if any others want to jump in as a part share. 

I'll have my hunter and stockcar in there. 

Along with my tools and other storage shit. 



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Relooking into this as we are moving shortly and I can't fit all of my work gear, race car etc into a double garage.. 



Anyone in hamilton/Auckland keen to do a workshop share? Even 2-3 people. 


Ideally I'd be parking my stockcar and trailer inside, plus my work tools and Surplus materials. 


Aim to offer up approx 50-70m2 for others to share. 


Possibility of using my transport trailer aswell. 


Location would be either Pukekohe/Tuakau or Huntly. 

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Suitable storage/workshop located... Tuakau. 

Price would be $120/wk each if sit between 4.

Or $160/wk each if split between 3.


Power/water split each month. 


Looking for 1 or 2 others that are keen. Myself and 1 other already keen to get in there. 


Can share the use of my transport trailer and engine crane if needed. 

There's also secure yard space for cars or trailers etc. 

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