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Kimjon - builds a 49cc goped

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Lightened the flywheel by milling off every other fin on the flywheel fan.

Then I shoved it in the lathe and machined down the length of the blades. 


Mild improvement in performance...but probably more in my head than reality?

I've also gone back to the original pull starter, as my adapted "easy pull" mechanism made of the finest Chinesium pot metal die casting man can make...um broke after about 10 pulls (turns out you really do get what you pay for eh). But let's just say my compression ratio is probably a bit more than what it was designed for...

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Calling this a win. Got it tuned, running so mint now! Oiled the chain and it made a world of difference to it...must be 25% increase in power, as it was hard out binding and acting like the brakes were on. Almost (some chain links) welded itself together. Never thought to oil it, as it was brand new and I assumed it would be pre oiled.


New tyres, brakes actually working properly. Motor running flawlessly and produces excellent power with fat torque! It's all fucking mint now. Super happy with this project.



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