MARTS-PL310 61 Datsun Bluebird Sedan

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A tale of two Bluebird transmissions. Had to take the trans out to continue and detail the tunnel weld work.

I suppose I couldn't wait months to post something else.

The all synchro side loader coming out. It was wedged against the firewall and momentarily stuck until I tilted the engine some more.

The all synchro 312, 311 Bluebird side loader trans. It's a beast. Longer, wider and heavier than original 310 top loader trans.

Side-by-side trans compare. 310 Bluebird top loader on left and 312 & 311 Bluebird side loader on right.

The 310 trans uses a carbon hockey puck release bearing whereas the 312, 311 trans uses a  rolling element bearing type. 
Sure wish I could find a verified source for otherwise unobtainable replacement parts for these two trans. Top loader needs a new 2-3 shift fork (completely worn out), input shaft for 2-3 (sheared off) and external lever arm for 2-3 (lost). Otherwise, as a last resort, I could get them made with expensive machine shop fabrication.

I believe the side loader is is going to need a 2-3 shift fork soon as well since it does not always stay fully engaged in 3rd (high) gear on rare occasions.

I actually prefer to use the top loader with its non synchro first gear as it is the much slicker shifting and shorter lever throw trans. Without repair parts though, it's not going back in anytime soon.

As the situation stands, I'll reinstall the side loader after completing the tunnel underside details including epoxy primer.

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