Threeonthetree's Triumph MkII 2.5 PI Estate

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This is getting picked up in less than 2 weeks..... :D


I have been stupidly distracted while i should be doing uni assignments with sourcing bits....


Am still after a steel front grill and a pair of front struts to cut up and make coilovers


Quick procrastination shop for thread



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Sorry for potato phone pics camera is buried in uni shit that got seconded to trumph


So got to have a good look at this today


A shit tonne of useful and valuable parts with the car things that will be helpful, can redo the fuel system twice. Still have another van trip to go and get all the subframes extra gearboxes and other engine...













Have pulled the fuel system apart checked over it to make sure all is well, it was.




We pulled the gas tank out to make sure it was clean.






We also Converted the car to electronic distributor.


The unit was fried, so we converted back to points...


First on the list is a rotor arm and new distributor cap for the engine thats in the car to get it running, which we will do tomorrow.






Next is order an engine rebuild kit from rimmer bros for the cars original engine which has the tr6 cam.


While I am waiting for this we will go get this thing wofed and rego'd hopefully without a hitch.


Biggest problem is crazy cracking which covers the whole roof, around the fuel cap and the bonnet.

This will get done when roof rack is removed and filled...


Car is insanely tidy a small bit of surface rust has come up in stonechips on the roof this will get fixed with crazy cracking, but can't really find any other cancer at all


Hopefully we can have it running tomorrow!!


Am after a steel grill and pre facelift bumpers in goodish condition too if you know of anything!!




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3 Days and finally got this thing running today after a lot of persuasion


We ended up changing out the whole ignition system minus the distributor....



And it runs and runs well!!


Sits just above 2k revs at 100k in 4th gear


Very much faster then my last two cars and a lot less rattly


Here is a few videos of it running 


Before we had it timed properly so backfiring and spluttery 




When we got it to idle



Sounds fucking cool




I was quite happy





And it just sounds so good






Will get a new battery and take it for a wof :)


Very happy boy



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New engine mounts in tonight.


Will fill window washer bottle tomorrow morning and take the fucker for a wof!!

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Forgot to fill washer bottle...


Pretty sweet for sitting in a shed for 7 years haha 


Will get new seat belt on sunday arvo, new park light bulb and fill the washer bottle too


Monday will get new brake pads fitted and either lose the rear muffler which is the bit touching the driveshaft or bend it in a few mm...


Then will have a wof and can book it in for respray!! 




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Had a few fuel problems with this with daily use so we changed fuel pump filters and lines.....


It didn't turn out to be the problem.... it just turns out that under a quarter tank the pump stops picking up and pumping fuel!!


Now i know to keep it above quarter of a tank... haha 




In other news the car is booked in for a full respray next Wednesday!!


I have decided to keep the sunroof for now at the advice from my panelbeater who said it would be a lot of work to fill so will look at this at a later date


That means this weekend will consist of stripping all the chrome from the outside so its ready to be dropped off on Wednesday!!


Two things to look at while car is in paint is building a roof rack like below to fit the existing roof rack holes and getting the roof rack chromed and ready to put on with new gaskets!!






Stoked to finally be doing things to make it look better!!


This also means slam is closer....


Discuss here.. //

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Stripped most of the trim off of this today minus the front grill


Goes for paint on wednesday will have it for a week and a half 











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Got this back on Friday....


Ran out of gas 100m down the road hahah


Cheers Highlux for being the saviour  :-D  :-D


Days off work are Sunday and Monday so got some trim on yesterday morning before some commitments in the afternoon


Am very stoked on how it came out 








Has developed a fuel problem so will check everything is all good in the metering unit tomorrow night, spent two hours today with the old guru on pi stuff here in Tauranga today has told me what to look for and sorted me out for parts with a troubleshooting book he put together so hopefully get that done tomorrow and put the rest of the trim on  :-D  :-D


If we get it done tomorrow with minimal costs involved will be ordering coilover parts this week tooooooooo, very excite :)


Plus roofrack is being built this week ready to put on the car on sunday we decided on something along the lines of this made out of stainless that fits in the existing holes from the last roof racks  



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Running problem seemed to be a dirty injector  :-)


Also this popped up on facebook today


Am pulling the pin on coilovers so will get in contact with barry at manon racing tomorrow and finalise an order for some fortune autos for the front and suzuki swift springs for the rear :D 


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This is running well good and getting dailyed everywhere retail has wrecked me so no holiday to get all the shit done but me and my mate have made up the tricky bit of the roofrack and bolted it up today all it needs is new fasteners and a rubber gasket so it can be all done up...


Still need to do the runners which will be in the new year 


This is them 














Next update should hopefully involve coilovers  :-D







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Poor update but an update:




Front coilovers have been ordered from Manon racing went with fortune auto


Hope they arrive before I move back down to welly so I can get them welded up and crack tested before I leave rather then down there


Went to Rotorua vintage car show this last sunday, there were lots of fizzing old barry's


Car may be in a magazine if i can organise myself to get trim/ roofracks finished





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