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Gymkhana Hampton Sunday!!


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I would like to see more OS people out there, Its great fun and easy going.




We are back!

Advance's first gymkhana day of 2015, clear your diaries!

Sunday the 22nd of February
Hampton Downs Skid Pan

Prizes up for grabs!

Gymkhana is a timed course around cones, each session gives you 5 runs, once completed then you get free time on the pad! Free time is to mess around do donuts etc, maybe even a couple of tandems if you are game.

Open to ALL cars, ALL driving abilities. 
Four Classes - FWD, RWD Turbo, RWD Non-Turbo and 4WD

Everyone is welcome!

Registration: 8.30am
Start: Straight after briefing

Registration: 12.30pm
Start: Straight after briefing

Online Registration will be up in the next week or so. Enter online for a much cheaper rate!

Entries on the day are $45 per session. 

Car must be up to a suitable & safe standard, all drivers & passengers must have motorsport approved helmets and enclosed footwear

Spectators are free, front seat passengers are also allowed.

Winners will be announced via the Advance Facebook Page.

Some great prizes for each class winner, as well as the overall series winners.

Theresa: 0274269556
Lauren: 0210399600


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