64 Valiants 68 VW Beetle

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here are some more photos of the bug




the battery has been moved to behind the seat. going to need some long ass jumper leads if any one ever wants a jump


and if you look at the back bumper here it looks a bit broken..... well yeah it was broken....


some one didnt fix the bolt they just got out a welder


so i got the grinder out and fixed that last night


and it had all this gay straw all over the place





so yea removed all that. enough to wrap up some hay now.

and yup it sure is the company run about found out what the straps on the side are good for


hanging my glue gun on! perfect


even fits a crappy holden seat in it.

oh and yeah i did this sadly :(


gave up and just cut the handle so i can try and fix why its not opening. so hope to fix that situation later today then go buy u new handle. dam it (face palm)

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it also came with the likes of white wall flappers and a box of spear parts and a couple of books but i was juts going threw it all and found this so put it on.


oh and it even came with these :)


hopfully i find some time and chuck them on. 

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quick update

i was on trade me around 2 am this morning and came accros some vw wheels. he said they were 200 wide (the tyre was) but yea paid 150 for them and they were in hamilton.

turns out they are only 2 inches wider 


came on these big things


so got them off and got the white wall flappers and done this 


couldnt help myself but just put them on :)

i think i have a bag of cement around here to lower it till i can be bothered pulling it apart to lower the rear :) the rear tyres are now 205 65 15s doesnt rev as high at 100kms now :)

thats it for now hope to get some better pictures tomorrow.

oh i also got rid of the silly logo on the door!!!

here is a quick pic from last night driving around three up in it.


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so as expected the starter motor was toast.

after close to 2 hours laying under the vw starting at 9pm (it was cold) continuously googling how they came out and all that other jaz i got it out. 


so i asked sparkie/simon nicely if he would have a closer look at it for me he said ohh yea.

so he pulled it apart done his magic he said some one had already had a go at it so he had a better go and gave the armature a sand and cleaned it.

these are the old brushes 


slight buggered. 

so got some new one and got simon to do his magic again


he said oh yeah that should work hopfully. in a kinda like oh yeah if it doesnt well LOL my bad voice.

so finished up work and went home to bolt it all in last night around 10. turns out its heaps easier with two people casue of the long ass bolt has a nut on the back (i didnt know this at all) so yeah done it by myself still......

come midnight after a few sparks going every where from me putting the positive wire everywhere (who makes the positive wire BLACK!!!!!) i finally had it all in and chucked the key in and wabam!!!!!


i now have a going wof and regd vw again. now to use and abuse this thing!!!

oh it does need a BLOODY good tune

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so as you know my vw shat out again........ im so painting this lemon yellow once im done with it.   

so i went for a drive to Auckland to drop some vw wheels off as well as denhams car.

we all meet up at zebra and i brought these for the vw


so i can now do the upholstery in the vw. dont quite know what i want. 

after that we went to toms house and looked at his cars and then left.

stopped at bombay to have some subway and the shitty vw didnt want to start.

tried everything and gave up rung a mate of mine who is good with cars.

he came with some tools and tow rope but yea we couldnt get any spark. We took the dizzy and all the good things to his shop (Wallace Heron ltd) in puke. 

they did this with it


put it in there lathe and pluged it all up as if it was in a car and we had no spark still......

they had this problem with there forklift not so long ago.

Turns out its the little do it rather thing. (condenser) so ran around to repco and they had one it stock.

while i did that they had a look around in all there mini parts and found one and got it going for me. so i took the one i got from repco back ($40 saved/spent on beer for them) and took a look at his race car hes building, check out the rear guards/lack of them.....


put it all back together rang some one to look at theres to see how the leads and what not go cause we just pulled them off with out looking. 

ALIVE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so cause of this little part below kinda chucking a spaz i had an interesting day!!!!


so i have now got a mini one in my vw and he even gave it a bit of a tune for me haha legend!!! gotta love having bloody good mates!

so next post should hopefully be about re trimming my vw. not about it braking down.

end result, one happy passenger in a going vw.


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hahahaha what a joke i thought i wasnt going to have to fix the vw again!!!!!

so after the last ordeal i spotted more and more oil leaking.

here is a photo of the car been parked for 15 mins after stopping for example


so yeah thought we better fix that if i were to use it this weekend.

so while stripping the hole engine pretty much simon thought fuck we may as well do the exhaust while we are here as well.

one snapped stud. few cut cuts latter and yea exhuast is out with the other half of the engine to find this oil leak.

well we found the problem in the oil cooler as it had snapped and the seals where harder than stone cold steve austin.

my mate mitch took it to his shop to weld this tab back on :)



while i was under the dub i spotted these not looking the best shape


i cut about 10mm of that..... the rest was already split

here are some shinny things sticking out of the back of my car now


and i went shopping out at the vw shoppe this morning


so fix the exhaust tonight and try assemble it again :/

ive also named this vw the lemon.

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quick run down.

simon snapped a bolt taking the exhuast of so had to try weld that onto a nut get it out.

went like this


so heat and welding a nut on the end didnt work so we ended up doing this


it was our total last resort.....

then tapped and made a new bolt fit.....



made new exhaust fit to old one and weld that together

i assembled some of it last night

simon came around and we did the rest of it tonight he got some of my lights going and i put those cv boot things on.   im going to kill the guy who said they were a great idea.....

then we got it going and made it move took and took this photo


then i cleaned it and now im here.

and those seats i brought the other day dont fit this silly vw so il some how make them fit or make mine low backs out of those ones.

tomorrows job is make my dohikcary thing which 10speed asked what the brackets where for and to put my signage on it. should be fun :)

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA the fun just keeps on going on and on and on.......

this happened on the way home.....


decided it wanted to drop alllllllll of its oil on the front of the valiant........


turns out the rocker cover gasket loves to give out on me.

so yeah tried my best to fix that on the side of the road.   

this also happened to brent on the way over to whitianga :'(

bloody lemon!!!!

but i did get some cool photos of it and got to drive it up the driveway which was pretty darn cool!!!!

trying to be cool like the big brother of vws (daves)


brent was happy to drive it, well he said he was....


and this bug has wings.       got rather hot driving home in the traffic jam even in the valiant!!!!!


but yeah as you can see i now have the bizzo logo on the side here is a rolling shot i got of it on the way home


here is another photo of the bug on the track thanks to Amy :) 


Thanks all for making the weekend so wicked and for Amy for the organizing the oldschool park up and the little cruise up the drive.

ROLL ON NATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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we will start with a good note


car looks pretty cool!!!

on the bad side of things what a flippen lemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i thought my brakes needed a bit of adjusting with a little squeak squeak...

ended up in a crunch and tuns out yea wheel bearing didnt want to cooperate any more....

smashed and then miniman cut the rest of it out



went to buy a new one and brought the wrong one......

so then pulled the other side out


so yeah pain in the bum but ahh well i will sort it out.

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so i got a bored about an hour ago and decided to do this....


looks like my vw was a light blue in its early days of its life.

what a prick of a designee the made there hoodlinings. (vw still havnt solved that problem)

it looks like someone has been here before as well

take a close look and you will see all the dots on the left side have been drawn in and on the right side it is actually perforated LOL 


here is a photo from underneath haha


also earlier today i swapped out the back rest of the beige seats onto my bases so i could have some low back seats


they fit up sweeeet as!!! 

took it for a drive and i have so much more visibility around me now its crazy!!!!

so now that the seats fit and look super ugly i better do some upholstery work :) looking forward to this part.

ah thats why i ripped the hoodlining out as well as it had some rips in it and what not. since im advertising Midnight Upholstery on the side i should probably have the inside looking good

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oh i am so great full for the great people of oldschool.co.nz

i have been lucky enough for 10speed to hand his spear steering wheel over to me. and with him been such a good chap i have just swapped my not so good one over with his soooooo much better one. 

old one (note i had already taken my center off)


new one :) with my old center back on


i was also lucky enough to ask miniman if he would come wire up my horn for me before a bbq lat night.

got that going mean!!!!!

so all i need to do for a wof is fix/figure out why my front left indicator isnt working and mount my battery down.

but i need to buy some new tyres, back left has a major leak in it :( and yea re trim in before wednesday next week 
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so as the wof sheet says play in front right and front left wheels. well yup!!!! heaps of play!!!

so after trying bumming around all weekend i started to work on it as flyingbrick arrived at my work shop. and with his guidance/help in no time we had the hole front end apart and it currently looks some what like this


and as with flyingbricks post i do try and work on all my cars.

but yeah it looks to be the king pin has worn out..... not so round any more.


got the left side off  and kinda pulled that apart (using a hammer) and proceeded to do the other side to get to the stage where i needed a hammer and the king pin just kinda slid out...... my face was a bit like :o


all apart now and off to get prices on new crap/try find some one who will do it as a cashie for me/any recommendations.


old mate Simon was a legend and come on board and fixed my sparkie sides of things again. dudes a legend will be missed heaps now that hes off to jaffa land. you guys got a GC coming your way!!!! but yeah got my headlights working and put new plugs in what not done his magic.

cheers heaps for the help in advance guys :)

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done some more work on it tonight.

turned it into a hover craft 


i also replaced the rocker gaskets and made sure there would be no leakage at all this time round

the one i took off (bad one)


cleaned it all up gave it a little scuff and what not and then proceeded to do cover it in gooo


it seems the right side of the engine is pushed more to the right as well.....

right prick to get that side off and back on

um other than that dropped off my glove box front to a mate so he can match up some paint and chuck it in a rattle can for me

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so i went with the hole me and a mate can do the king pin situation

goes something like this

smash old bushes out

clean up parts


press new bushes in and file little grove in it


grove is for this washer 


then we spent like 30 mins fixing his reamer............ (was not happy with his workers)

then reamed a hole


he then had to go home and cook dinner for his other half.

so i went back to work and put some underlay in the vw



pulled out all my scraps of nice cut pile carpet to make sure i would have enough to do my car


got HEAPS!!!!!!!

oh also yesterday i cleaned some shit up like this


cleaned up my roof as well


choice of weapon was 


made a huge mess and i got covered in so much crap

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