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bmxnz11's Ford Escort MK2 Van


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Playing catch up..

I welded a plate and a nut on the back of those cups which hold the recessed/step down shape snugly.


I then made up a dummy seat frame to hold the seat rails in place and bolted the newly made cups to that. I then spend quite some time working out the best position to attach the cups to the metal base straps.


You can see the bottom left corner I have started boxing in the shape, whereas the far left is just hovering in place.


I did this for both sides, drilled some speed holes and painted them in 2k black.


These bolt straight into the original escort floor seat holes so I have the option to have these mx5 seats or the standard escort seats.

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Back to the back seat. I didnt like where the support mount attached to the back seat when it was upright, it just sat way too high on the wheel arch. The cardboard cutout shows just how high it would need to sit.


I added a drop down bar on each side to bring the mounting point down.



I then made a housing which had to house the latch, look flush and bee able to come apart incase the latch needs to be fixed or replaced. I made this housing in 2 pieces. The mounting holes on the latch pull the 2 covers together and they both bolt through the wheel arch. The bolts go up from under the arch and through the housing so that from underneath only the heads show and they shouldn't interfere with the tyres.




To release the latch, theres an arm on the lever on the outside so you dont see it. It now makes the all satisfying "click" when pushed into place. Both sides have a latch each.

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Slowly been chipping away at bits. Have cleaned up and painted most the underside parts. Still trying to find some good axles so I can build the rear end and attach it to the van. Looks like I will have to get the axles resplined by a local engineer.





Pulled the heater box apart to check it all out. Need to find/make a new resistor? So I get the 2 fan speeds, then that can be reassembled.



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