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bmxnz11's Ford Escort MK2 Van


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Hey everyone,


Better jump on the van wagon band and post a build thread about my mk2 van. Purchased from Alexandra, taken off the road to tidy it up and fix the rust. That was a couple of years ago, so ill play catch up with my posts to get it to the current state. Pretty standard apart from the 1600 and us800 mags. Mags and massive exhaust tip were the first to go


This is how it sat before being taken of the road


Plan is keep the 1600, panel up the windows and a few other bits




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Did some more digging along the side of the van, revealed more rust around the sill. Passenger side wasnt as bad




Had some damage infront of the rear wheel arch also this has been cut out and i have a new rust cut waiting. First time trying on my new wheels  :-) 13x7 rostyles







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While i had to repair the wheel arch i thought it would be a good chance to flare the rear. As the van folk will know, the van and estate guards have more of a flare on them then the sedan guards, and also more then the rear of the vans. Ive always wanted to match the rear with the front. Then BINGO, my parts van i acquired had a couple of spare very rusty and incomplete guards. So took to them with the grinder and now i have a good base to start moulding them to fit the rear.




Pop in my reset leaf springs to raise the wheel closer to the flare to give me an idea




The idea is nice and subtle. This way my wide rostyles or hotwires fit nicely under them. Thoughts? i like it  :)


Also while with grinder in hand i took to the side panels i will be welding in later on. Can still make out the old sign writing under the paint. "Strathmore Butchery. Please to meet you, meat to please you"



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Made this jig up tonight to help shape the arch onto the original. Trying to use the original profile as the arch is slightly different. Will help with bringing the under skin out to meet the new arch too




This is as it sits to date



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Started work on flaring out the under skin. Cut most the old lip off and flared it out to meet the new flare. Want to do it correctly and give myself as much clearance underneath as possible






Tacked on the new flare and started to make the the panel behind the rear wheel to match it




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Tacked the flare to the outside of the van to shape and mock up. This is where the ferris wheel jig proved magic. Not only did it provide me with the correct/ original circumference but i also welded tabs onto each point to limit how far the flare sticks out. At this point the under skin touches the flare and this will be welded up later. lots of cutty cutty and weldy weldy and i had a flare i was more or less happy with.




Also made this piece up to complete the puzzle




Cut the flare and van to suit and welded in place. A picture to prove its metal and not fibreglass/bog/wood/

Still more tweaking to get done before i prime etc






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Couple more pictures after a lot of grinding. Seems to flow really well. Pulled the panels in nice and tight













Fingers crossed i can replicate it on the passenger side   :doubt:


But before that ill start work on the back and underside. Have some ideas pending i can do them without needing a cert...

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Was hoping to relocate the petrol tank to the side of the van and make use of the extra space underneath by making a bigger box from two petrol tanks, make it look factory and hopefully avoid making it look like a drop box. Would need a cert for this so I wont be doing it.


Instead ive been sanding the sides and rear end of it back to bare metal, getting it ready to start the side panels. Who ever painted this must have painted diggers for a living, painted it very heavy. That plus having 100 layers of primer/paint/filler is making it a slow process

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Did the last of the rust repairs and metal work around the sill and arch. Taken back to glorious glorious metal and then for now just brush painted on 2k primer. Skim of neutech and it should tickle it up quite nicely










Tomorrow ill start work on paneling up the windows

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Cut the old window surrounds out and managed to tack in the new panel. Taking it very slowly pressing a brass block on the back of the weld to prevent warping of the panel. I chose the panel where it stamps into the van as this was the strongest part. Pictures to prove the work as done






Cut through the centre




Panel from my parts van. Would not have gone through this process if i didnt have this panel available




Old meet new



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