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bmxnz11's Ford Escort MK2 Van


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Only time i had this weekend was a few hours on Sunday night so i quickly prepared and sprayed the rear doors with high build primer and a bit of black for guide coating. Sprayed using a top coat gun and it came out a bit lumpy, i'm hoping its just the gun and not hardner because i know i stirred the shit out of it. Most of it will be sanded off so ill find out then.






Next job is to get the rear end in guide coat then start shaping the passenger side again.

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Have been going pretty hard the last month. Last panel to line up was the drivers guard. Once we were happy with this we were able to shape the drivers side, along with the passenger side, front valance and rear panel below the doors. A really long week finishing bits and pieces so i could splash some primer on it in the weekend.


Started Sunday morning looking like so






3 or so coats of high build epoxy primer later










Really happy with how it went, no runs or sags etc. Looks pretty straight. Few things to fix up but stoked with how it looks. Nice and glossy.




Put some guide coat through the gun to finish it.



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Have been busy sanding the guide coat for the last few weeks. That shit takes for ever, even when its not clogging up the sandpaper. Still have a few areas to finish but 99% of its done. Then its onto final primer.


This last week has seen a few late nights in the garage. The idea was to get the inside prepped and primed. Took the window and headlining out, very happy to see NO RUST. The person who last sprayed the van took the window out before painting on a million layers of orange, which probably saved this area.




Under the headlining was the same story, original color this time but no rust, not even surface.




Decided to do the inside in sections to make it easier. Started with the roof, only took it to bare metal where it needed it, keyed up everywhere else. Sprayed on nice, few runs but wont be seen when the lining goes back in.




Next night was prepping the sides and floor..

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Another long week spent sanding and prepping the inside. This time round did the remainder of the roof, the rear sides, the front floor pan, firewall and under the dash etc.












Under the dash looking clean.






Went on real nice, couple runs but thankfully not in any obvious places, will sand these out later on.


Have started bare metalling the floor in the back and will hopefully be able to prime it this weekend.

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Threw down some seam sealer, glued the floor to the sides (Yes this is how it was done in the factory) and also put some on the under side of the rear flares/lip. Shit job to get under there and do it, especially with the diff still in. If the clear 2k sealer I sprayed throughout the van last week didnt get it, this seam sealer sure will.





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One of the small jobs ive been putting off was fixing the window wiper holes. These were flogged, the hole wiper system was flogged. There were stress cracks and the holes were no longer round.




Opened up the cracks, drilled a few plug holes and welded underneath a backing plate to give it a bit more strength.






Did the same to the other wiper hole.






All cleaned up.



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Finally got around to taking off the passenger door. Not as easy as undoing 4 bolts, hinges are welded on. Had to use a special tool to punch out the 2 pins and separate the hinges. Stripped and sanded back the door frame area, the side of guard where it attaches to the guard and inside of the door.






The passenger guard was a replacement and put on when the van was painted orange so absolutely rust free around this area (Bonus).




Primed the door outside because it was a hot day. Dried up really quick, easy to spray. But then when i sprayed the van door jam area i forgot to tell myself this wasn't going to dry as quick and ended up with a sag on top. Shit happens







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Final coat of primer was applied this morning to the outside. Very hot day, dried up pretty quick and made it difficult to keep glossy but i got the hang of it.














The front and back were also sprayed but the pictures were a bit shit. Looks exactly like the pictures futher back in this thread anyway.


Next time these areas get sprayed, it'l be with color (Finally!). Should really pick one then. Hmm...

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Have been working in this. Just seems to take for ever. Lined up the  drivers door, guard and bonnet. The guard was poking out too much by the door. The inner vertical section of the guard that holds to the pillar was too wide. I ended up chopping this piece out and redoing it. This time it hugs the pillar and holds the guard correctly in line with the door.




I also found a few imperfections and spots of rust bleeding through on the drivers guard. I had to rub most of down to metal and reprime and fill. The guard and bonnet were then primed in final primer.



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Where has the time gone. I finished cleaning the underside, primed it and redid one of the sill areas as I wasn't happy with my initial repair. Have still to underseal the van.

Another of the jobs that needed doing before paint was to lower the brake booster for the side drafts clearance. I read and talked to a few people and everyone said to bend the rod and lower 50mm, redrill the holes. I couldn't work out how to lower the bracket without fouling on the inner fender or the area around the fan where the brake line is.



I decided I wanted to keep the original holes and mounting points in case it all turns to shit. So instead I modified the booster bracket and made a new bottom section which is 50mm lower but uses the same holes. The other issue was the mounting tabs to the firewall. When the booster is lowered, the top pulls away from the firewall. I fixed this by slicing, bending and welding flat against the firewall.




The next step is to push out the inner fender so the booster sits in nicely. Hopefully everything will look factory once it's done.



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