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ohhhh yeah


i needed to do this to it


had to go next door and borrow some tools


which then let me get the idler arm out.

took it too the guys next door and they burnt the old one out and then pressed the new one in


ROLL ON NATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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let me announce my next act with a song. listen to it while reading the rest of this 


i got my roof racks sorted for nats!!!!


i cut up a couple of my tie downs that i had laying around at home

slammed an sp7 eyelet threw the end off them and cut them down to suit kinda sewed the end onto the roof rack it self. looks a bit like this


so your probably wondering where that bolt goes??????

well thats my safety belt bolt.


super clever i think. hope it works out well for this weekend. 
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so been a while.....

i went to os nats track day.

had heaps of fun but on my 1st outing i had my tyre go flat :/

but i put more air in it and away it went :) so i done more of this


and some of this


after doing that i then re packed the valiant with all my camping gear 

looked kinda like this when we left my shop


went threw to thames and brought a air bed and while leaving thames i spotted a few cars on the side off the road

screamed at them. HEY ARE YOU GOING TO OS NATS. reply was yup do you know how to get there. reply was YUP FOLLOW ME!!!!

so i got haunted all the way to nats camp site thinking i was on top gear episode followed by this


proceeded to put my tent up in the rain

next day drove to the coro and had a feed. valiants been going strong now.

got told from the guys following me the day before i was loosing a bitta gas out the filler....

got to dirt tracks i was loosing HEAPS out the filler



put a rag down the tube hoping it would kinda stop gas coming out.... (kinda worked)

once everyone had left i done a skid


got back just in time for some grub after this

last day kinda bummed around took hundreds of photos and then headed home via the gravel road with chris r, shakatom and threeonthetree


stopped in at thames so neal could buy some louvers. turns out they had these cool things as well


make sure you read bottom line


at this stage chris r had just brought a wagon and we were off to the tron to pick it up/look at it. 

so i took another photo


all went well and made it home safe no major brakes or mishaps.

a week later and i thought i better check why there was water under my car.....

looks like i have a leak....

found it was at the bottom of the over flow so with the pressure building up in the radiator it was letting it out but not into my over flow bottle.

so knowing that i kinda just went meh :/ and proceeded not to worry about it.

mates asked me to help them out and use the valiant for a wedding car so done that. (cleaned all the mud of it)





btw that chev is 500hp and he has owned it for 40 years. paid 800 dollars for it

but back to the valiant beach hop was now near. thought i better fix a few things....

went and brought some rubber. and visited simon jaskon to cut me a hole in it (i was running really late and didnt want to go back to my work shop)


with this now on i pulled the rag out


all the gas has also taken all my paint off :/ 

after doing this i shot over to matamata to drop a job off and thought id try fix my radiator as well.

so stopped in at my mates shop and i had a head pop over the fench saying "your off os right?" turned out this guy is Bigmatt4. he asked what i was doing and then ran around for 2 mins and then appeared with a blow torch and some soldering stuff.

we ended up re soldering the over flow part back in and then he was on his way again.


with that done headed to beach hop where i had a good time and got really wet. (no i didnt go for a swim)

also flushed the radiator with some flush stuff. man that crap is amazing i should have done it ages ago.

today i went to vw nats in the valiant (cause the lemon doesnt go) and this happened.


yea screw you too tyre! same tyre that went town at hampton downs and my spear tyre is bigger than my others so i carefully drove down the road to a little pub where i asked a elderly couple in there buss if they had a jack i could borrow so i could put my spare on the front.


back on the road again. (thank you aucklanders in your buss)

got to taupo and 1st stop was carters tyre shop. where i went it and asked if i could borrow there tyre machine and there little tyre valve screw driver. the dude was allll G about it, said he liked my gangster ride. top dude fully recommend the place.

all i did was remove the little screw in valve and put a new one in as the air was coming direct out of the valve. ( dont ask me why it just was :/ )

um so yea changed that spare over and what not and went to turangi dropped some wheel bearings off, went back had a look at some vws at taupo, went to the race track see how miniman went with his racing and had a rum with markku.  

and the valiant is all locked up in the work shop with air in its tyre. :)

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Soooooooo this clever car has decided it likes to jump out of 3rd gear randomly while driving.

hasn't just happened once it's been gapping quite a bit in the last 2 days.

Any suggestions on what it would be would be great.

Il probably inspect it later today or tomorrow.

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sooooooo long time no touch cause of a crappy beetle but time has come.

i have acquired two spare gearboxes that i need to pick up when the guy gets home from his holiday. he has also asked if he could use it for his daughters wedding along side his valiant. here is a pic of when i meet him at beach hop last year


so the roof also needs some attention. so i started with removing windows and then while i was there i removed the headlining cause i may as well make that look pretty while im there and after this the windows should not have to come out again.

also braved up at removing the side molding trims on the guttering so i can clean down behind them as well.

here are some pictures 




il get some sanding disk tomorrow and steel my mates sand blaster and get all crazy about it all.

lets hope this pull apart doesnt end up like the last one haha

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my other half was in dorkland and picked up the gearboxes for me


so il inspect them/look at them and decide which one to put in. 

will more or less work like eeny, meeny, miny, moe and bam done that one is going in.

my mate brought his car to get seats done and we got talking. he has a big variable speed grinder 


so tick got that just gotta get me some disks 

also another mate was like oooooo this will be perfect for what you need for your gutters 


so now i need some garnet/sand stuff and shit we are going to have our selfs a stripping party.

but i need to colour match the paint before i get two excited or shit i may have some ugly ass white on my roof.

or i could ditch the husslers find me some 13 inch wire wheels and paint my roof like this 


hahahahaha maybe on my wagon

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hahaha so i chucked the windows back in for a mate of 10/5 and just pulled them back out again tonight. 

the gearbox is now really bad and clutch has a rather bad shutter as well.

so il send an old clutch away tomorrow to be rebuilt all new again.

pulled the top off the gear boxes to see what the look like on the inside

came across this. 


WTF they are different what the actual!!!

so a post on a ap5/5/vc face book page later turns out they will both fit in. one has a reverse under the last gear (left hand side gearbox) and the right hand one also has synchros. cheers crazy ozzy guys

that problem sorted i hit the roof with a grinder until noise control set in (my mum telling me to shut up)

started out side like this


and ended up like this


will continue to strip the roof tomorrow and drop it off at the painters late tomorrow.

hes going to do his majic over the weekend so i get it back like wednesday so i can chuck headlining, windows and a gearbox as well as a clutch in and then clean it ready for a wedding on friday 

haha nothing like dead line.

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this is the one i pulled out last time when the clutch was slipping which i replaced with a 2nd hand clutch that had been sitting in a barn for about 20 years.


turns out i know a guy at waikato clutch and brakes and about 60 buckaroos later it looks like this


a bit of a clean up tension the springs up and some new lining we are away again. 

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More last minute wedding prep stuff. 

Put the stainless trim back on with out wrecking it. I had pulled this off when I painted the roof also. Just never got around to putting it back on what not. Lazy or didn't want to wreck it but done it in like 5 mins including taking photos. 






Shit was all twisted from been removed and I really didn't want to wreck it putting it back on that's for sure. 

Picture of it off and just white. 




Picture with it on and small dog for scale.... 




Now to get the sun visors done so I have some thing for the ribbon to attach to. 

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