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King Pete's royally spectacular bikes.

Guest Valiant

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Guest Valiant

So lately I've been a bit busy making bikes, here's some photos of one I have finished.

There's more to come.

Thanks for looking.

To cut a long story short I found this picture and the bike in it quite took my fancy.


I've had two goes at making my own version, the first one was to small and I just wasn't happy with it.

So I started over and came up with this.





It's not an exact copy, I've made changes to the height etc etc, some of I've just made up/guessed.

None the less I'm very pleased with it.

I have another frame I am making at the moment, I'll add some photos when It's done.

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Guest Valiant

Haha thanks guys.

Kirk I think I have issues rather than skills.

I have some photos of the first one, this one was made the same way as it was I'll add them tonight.

This one is tig welded 4130 chromolly tube, the tight bends are round bar with the ends turned before it was bent to fit tightly inside the tube and then welded.

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Guest Valiant

Here's a few photos of the first one I built.

The jig is pretty crude, I think it's half an old bench top I found at work with blocks of wood screwed down to it.

It seems to work well enough though.



Next on the agenda is to turn this......


Which I put together but is way to small for me

Into something like this.



This is what I have so far.




The front part of the frame is close to welding.

I should put this on hold untill after nats

But I probably won't.

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Guest Valiant

I've done some more on this lately.

The front half of the frame is all welded, I've sweated the chainstays out of another old frame, cut the dropouts off and made my own.

I have also started cutting and shutting a number of seat stays to make one long enough for the frame.

When this is all done I want it to look like it is a lugged frame rather than the butt welded frame it is.

The seat post lug is one I saved off an old frame, sadly it is the only one with angles I could use.

All the other "Lugs" are sleeves of tube notched to fit. I'll tig the front of them and then braze around the back when I'm done welding.

Hopefuly it will look the part when It's done.






Thanks for looking.

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