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How to Wire up a 1UZ engine (VVTI and non-VVTI)

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Am thinking about using the fuel pump resistor that the '96 diagram shows , at first I was put off by the cost , but have found one from RS that's only $4.30 delivered . I figured from various threads that a .68 ohm will drop the voltage down by 3 or so volts . Toyota seem to advocate this to give a longer life to the pump during normal driving , for the sake of one extra relay its worth the the trouble to try . Nigel have you looked a this before , I'll let you know what I find . Merry Xmas

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It worked! Ive just been for a drive with the is200 coil on plug conversion working with the stock 95 lexus ls400 ecu, I had it on the limiter in a 3rd gear drift and it ran without fault, it revs clean throughout the rev range and idles fine, tacho is still working too!

pictures and maybe even a video coming a.s.a.p.

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Here are a some pictures of the is200 coil on plugs fitted, I cut off the mounts with a small angle grinder so they would fit in the valleys, I still need to make some brackets to hold them down and i need to tidy the wiring, all the connections are soldered and shrink wrapped.


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As the 1uzfe has two igniters I used them to trigger four coils each

The is200 coils are 4 pin

pin1. earth

pin2. igt

pin3. igf (not used)

pin4. switched 12v live

the earths from all 8 cop's were connected to a common ground on the chassis of the car, the switched live was fed to all 8 cop's, I connected the igt wires from cylinders 1 and 7 together with 4 and 6 to IGT1 on the 1uzfe igniter plug, I connected the igt wires from cylinders 2 and 8 together with 3 and 5 to IGT2 on the other 1uzfe igniter plug (i dont know if this is necessary, i just copied the way each distributer would have sent the spark to two cylinders on the left bank and two on the right bank) I still need to de-pin the igf wires from all the cop connectors as they are not used

Ive done approximately 20 miles as I drove it to work today, no problems to report so far!

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