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Dunedin meet this sat the 12th!

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Okay so I have organised a toyspeed meet and I would really prefer it to be predominantly a oldschool meet as that's how I ride!

Anyway you are all welcome and please come support me as I am trying to get as many oldschool cars as possible. So far we have Te71 trueno's, Ae86 Trueno's, aa63 Carina, Ke25 Corolla coupe, some old supra's and all the rest.

Here is my post from ts on the meet and info. Please join in for a good cruise on awesome roads!

Okay since myself is probably one of the oldest TSers in Dunedin I have decided to organise our next cruise well ahead of time. Lucky for me I found my old post from the last cruise I did and stole it's info!

I just need want confirmation on a saturday in February and who WILL turn up!

P.s. All oldskool (pre 1989) cars and toyotas are welcome and we should invite Southern Skylines and any other nice clubs we know? Oldschool.co.nz?

So I have volunteered myself to organise the next meet :) As we seem to have lame cruises and i love driving more than talking about driving we are gonna cruise! Details are as follows. Oh and sorry for the shit house edited maps as i dont have any decent photo softwares

Going route is PINK

Return route is BLUE

The meet point will be 2pm at chingford park with a leaving time of 2:30. Please get gas before you arrive.


The cruise will head up north rd and over the hill down into waitati along the state highway and then take the warrington turn off with a little stop at the beach domain area for chat, cricket etc etc.



From there we can either go further down the coast to karitane or just return to waitati and go over the portchalmers hill rd then through sawyers bay and up over back to NEV then continue down nev and onto george st up leith valley for a little detour and on to my house


Shawn lives at Chapman st Wakari.

There is a school car park across the rd from my house so ample parking and photo ops. I have a teenage stepson and baby daughter so children are very welcome and you must bring your girlfriend! No repeat sausage sizzles like last meet! My wife will be very bored if all us boys just show up. And for "you know who" with no girlfriends can bring their blowup dolls thats fine :D As u can tell im a byc cricket fiend so prepare to play drunk cricket sometime on the adventure or suffer my wrath! It's worth it just to see damien try to bowl :twisted:

Sorry for the early start to the cruise but if we want a meet in the daylight thats the way it's gonna have to be till our summer meet. Also If enough are keen to go further up the coast to karitane(awesome rd) then im totally keen to add it to the route. Also maybe another pitstop at sawyers bay church is an option? Your feedback is very welcome

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