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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have already started a discussion thread with information on what i'm planning so I decided to get this one started so I can throw up some pictures of the vehicle and the progress.
  2. After looking at this at my mates house for a while now, I finally decided to buy her. 1980 Mitsubishi Express in need of some love. Plan is to fix the little bits of rust, chuck a motor into her and add some wheels. Started digging through to clean out all of the goodies that came with it and found an original tool kit hidden under the seats Better photos are on the way when it gets pushed outside to be washed in between snow and rain shower.Oh and why its called the Awesome Express,
  3. Starting my 4G63+t project brought the car 6 months ago for 800 bucks rego and wofed original paint, 2 rust holes in the rear bottom corner and paint fading in a few places heres some pics as of when i got it
  4. please post here if you have any ideas on what should be next or anything else that can help with the old girl.
  5. Hi Guys I figured it was about time i made one of these for the old girl. I got her 100% original, right down to the AM/FM radio. the only thing the last owner original owner had done was put a kill switch in, aftermarket tacho and some monster horns. After having her for about 2 weeks i decided the old 4g32 had to go so i was on the hunt for a cheap 4g63 then only after another 2 weeks i had one ready to drop in. once i had the cam belt off i noticed the cam pully had a crack in it so off it came and i had a dohc one (they are wider so i cant fit the timing cover back on) that is adjustable so on that went and then just a general tidy up before it went back in the hole.
  6. Link to build thread A place to talk shite about my sigma money pit. Cheers all.
  7. Discussion thread I've been convinced to finally through up a build thread for the siggy. Build up started last year so I'll start from there. I purchased this n around July last year from a guy down in Dunedin, who in turn purchased it from some old couple, where it had been stored for 14 odd years or so (if I remember right). I found it by mistake really, just saw some pretty shoddy photos on trademe of it for sale while looking at old colts and gtos. After some google-fuing, it seemed like a pretty interesting project. They were a bit more popular across the ditch (more commonly known as the Chrysler Sigma (seriously though click that)), and are commonly swapped with everything from Evo 4g63ts to 1jzs to Chevy small-blocks. A decent looking, sub 1000kg, large engine bay, rwd slice of fun half the price of an okay condition ke corolla, what's to loose? So I picked it up, and it was better than expected. Only one spot of minor visible rust, in the bottom rear of the fender on the drivers side. Original Registration sticker. Some minor bruising around the front and rear bumpers, were the rear bumper seems to have been lightly tapped by something, but otherwise the super oxidised paint appeared to be all there and all good. Here it is before and after possibly the only good cut and polish its ever had: And Paint wise, it came out looking mint. Wish I took more photos of this to give it justice.
  8. Discuss away, build at: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48215-kcs-1982-skidma/
  9. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48218-kcs-1982-skidma-discussion/ Righto, Bit of a background of me: Im Kc Rose and iv been a viewer on this site for the last three years, but never had a post of my own. Im 18 Years old and am an Apprentice engineer. Although This is a post about my 82' sigma ill share some oldschool background first: My First car was a 1982 greenied de-sprung Ex lancer with the might 1200cc powerplant that i bought at 15yo this was my afterschool project with help from my dad. after we had finished it looked like this and after I got d.i.c'd while i had loss of traction we rebuilt a 4g32(1600cc) motor and put that in. so after i got offered a stupid amount of money for it i kinda went on a spending spree getting a vs commodor (no pics coz not oldschool) a 78' datsun c20 van, an 81' Sigma and an 88' Volvo 740. now after a while i sold the van which later i found out got written off and i sold the sigma which my father has told me has nearly been written of several times around town. and of course i sold the commodor well.. because it wasnt oldschool! so what im left with is a 88' volvo. And this is my dream car believe it or not. ever since 8 years old i had un unhealthy want for a 740 wag. so after lots of trademe hunting i found one. after driving it around for 3 months it was clear that the old girl needed some tlc. so i decided i would buy a runabout and take the 2 tonne beast off the road for some AU Falcon turboness.. haha! but more about that on another thread. Anyway! here is my 1982 skidma runabout/driving project
  10. So this this is my first post on old school.co.nz.. just showing off the 1978 Sigma "granny spec" let me know what you all think. Open to ideas on what to do to her
  11. Ok ok i know we call them station wagons i was just trying to be flash its original condition inside, the outside has the mitsi blue paint fuckup and a couple of dents, not really major tho. Done 170km and not used fuckall the last couple of years. Motor seems ok but the carb isnt opening the secondary's which makes it a bit sluggish. Does anyone know of a easy way to fix that?? Gonna keep an eye on the oil consumption for a couple of days and maybe use the motor to get my white L300 going. If it does use oil ill just keep it for a few weeks till i get my van back and then sell it. Considering cutting the springs as well. Ive got spare front springs here but i need some spare rears if anyones got them or knows of any to fit in Would lancer ones fit or be too small?
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