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Found 5 results

  1. Hey team, Wondering if anybody on here has gone really low on their S11X Toyota Crown, as I’d like a bit of info on how you’ve done it. I’m currently running lowering springs in the front (which needs to come down a few centimetres) and cut factory springs in the rear (which is a good height but I’d ideally like to go a little lower, since the front is coming down too). It’s low... but not as low as what I want. I’ve got the idea of changing my tyre setup from a 195/60/14 to a 185/55/14, which would give me 3cm less chassis height. I’d cut my already chopped rear springs a
  2. I finally imported my Toyota Century into Virginia, U.S.A. guys!! You have no idea how sleek this puppy is up close. 1992 Toyota Century Model Code: VG40-GESQE. Engine: 5V-EU Month of production: October 1992
  3. I think this will be the right place..... Hi all, long time listener first time caller. So here goes... January last year I entered my first grass motorkhana with my Daily commodore wagon. Something I'd been wanting to do for a while as the old man rallied when I was younger, but gave up because it was too expensive. I Had an absolute ball, even though my car was far too big to maneuver, staggered wheels made me under steer everywhere and my p/s pump gave up by the end of the day. So I cracked open the savings and decided it was time for a project car. It had a few conditions.
  4. Discussion thread (add your feedback or comments, keeps Build threads Tidy as per OS Community Standards ) Amy has been on about getting a cool old car for a while and the opportunity to grab this came up a few weeks back and 'unveil' it at an event on the weekend Absolutly Stock as a rock "barn find" from local, was an old Barry's who passed away & wife kept it in the shed & rego lapsed, Mate found it in 2015, revinned & now we have it with under 100,000 Kilometres on the ODO push button AM radio 3 Speed Auto 1147cc Fury 1st mod was t
  5. One of my long term projects, 1980 toyota crown. brought it after it sat up the end of the brook valley after the old couple parked it up when it hit 400,000 ks gave them $200 and i was away. towed it home, some new fuel, plugs and a dizzy cap and it fired up pretty good. unfortunaley has the common rear quarter rust. pretty bad, someones patched it up before and made an average job. plan is to get it legal (can't see it needing much bar the rust) and just drive it, eventually lower it
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