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Found 10 results

  1. Stoked for you brother. Hopefully it flies through compliance when it gets here!
  2. Hey team, Wondering if anybody on here has gone really low on their S11X Toyota Crown, as I’d like a bit of info on how you’ve done it. I’m currently running lowering springs in the front (which needs to come down a few centimetres) and cut factory springs in the rear (which is a good height but I’d ideally like to go a little lower, since the front is coming down too). It’s low... but not as low as what I want. I’ve got the idea of changing my tyre setup from a 195/60/14 to a 185/55/14, which would give me 3cm less chassis height. I’d cut my already chopped rear springs a little more and replace rear bump stops with the universal blade on body style ones - ones I don’t mind chopping down to suit, just to close the arch gap. Being live axle, I’d also need to find an adjustable panhard to fit... maybe RA40 Celica or AE86? A lot of ideas for the rear, but the front has me stumped... If it wasn’t double wishbone I’d be straight into the adjustables but yet my budget isn’t huge for bags. If anyone could give me any info on how they’ve lowered there Crown, that would be awesome. Sorry for the spiel. pic for reference.. my current setup. cheers Tom.
  3. I finally imported my Toyota Century into Virginia, U.S.A. guys!! You have no idea how sleek this puppy is up close. 1992 Toyota Century Model Code: VG40-GESQE. Engine: 5V-EU Month of production: October 1992
  4. I think this will be the right place..... Hi all, long time listener first time caller. So here goes... January last year I entered my first grass motorkhana with my Daily commodore wagon. Something I'd been wanting to do for a while as the old man rallied when I was younger, but gave up because it was too expensive. I Had an absolute ball, even though my car was far too big to maneuver, staggered wheels made me under steer everywhere and my p/s pump gave up by the end of the day. So I cracked open the savings and decided it was time for a project car. It had a few conditions... 1)It had to be a bit of an investment(ie. If I had to sell it I wouldn't lose too much money) 2) Not too hard to find parts for and simple(ish) to work on as I wanted to learn on something that I didn't have to drive every day 3) Able to be more competitive than my commodore around cones haha After considering a few options including a very good offer from a mate trying to sell his NA8 Mx5. I kept coming back to Mini's.. Namely Japanese ones, as most were already well spec'd with a 1275 injected engine and don't seem to have as much rust as some of the older ones. I'd also kinda always wanted one after going for a ride in a couple when I was a teenager and now in my 20s I'm in a slightly better position to have my own. After a few months and a juggling of finances, this gem popped up for sale locally. Which I promptly set about acquiring. The dealer had already had spent a fair bit on it, tidying it up and bringing it up to standard to pass compliance. From Japan it had a performance exhaust of some sort, Coil spring adjusties (lol) with cert, the flares and 13x6 Watanabes. All stuff I would've done eventually anyway so that was a bonus.... A few months later a winter motorkhana came up, this time on Tarmac in the top carpark at Hampton Downs, I did a few things to the car to prepare it, including replacing the absolutely shot (and downright dangerously perished) tyres with Yokohama A048's for max grip (would recommend) Had an awesome day yet again and managed to come a long way in my driving. Having never owned a fwd car got a bit of practice pulling the handbrake to get around those tight corners towards the end of the day, once I built up a bit of confidence. Still a ways to go yet though. Car did awesome too with the only real problem being my new gear knob almost coming off in my hand on one of the earlier runs. I spent the rest of the winter continuing on making the interior a more comfortable place to be. Ordered some floor mats from Japan. Got some different seat brackets from minisport, a genuine Italian Nardi wheel from Driftworks in the uk to show how everyone JDM I am. A Steveston Motor co steering wheel drop bracket, and the most pita thing.. A Custom sort of trim matched Cobra Clubman fixed back seat (never shipping a seat from overseas again ) Things were going well and I was taking the car for the occasional drive to work etc. til around October. I managed to get into an accident in my Commodore. The Mini became my daily while it was at the panel beaters. That was going well for about a bit over a month until I lost clutch pressure one afternoon on the way home from work. The day before it was booked in for a wof. The old man came through the with sos call and we (well mostly him) spent most of the night bleeding it up to get it usable. We swapped cars as he has starts at stupid o'clock and has no traffic to contend with on his commute. Once I got my daily back it just sat in the corner of the shed as by this stage it was close to Christmas/New Years. As with most people around that time of year, money/spare time were required in other areas and I was pretty over it. Until I was camping with some mates at the start of January and saw my new friends at the Pukekohe Car Club were holding the first round of their motorkhana series, the same series I had entered in the Commodore last year. From the comfort of my tent I ordered a new clutch master cylinder thanks to classic mini spares in Te Puke. Also joined the club for future events. After a bit of a mission squeezing around the air con unit and working under the dash Dad and I got it in. Its still leaking out of the slave cylinder a little. Its a mission to get to with everything crammed in the little engine bay. But seemed to hold pressure and not cause any problems. so we were good to go. And vowed to do it properly once the series was done. I completely underestimated how hard it was driving on grass. I was still running the A048's as I don't have anything else, which probably didn't help my cause. But again learnt lots about driving, car didn't miss a beat, even the clutch! So a successful day. I drove it around for a bit, again, the odd trip to work etc. As I really enjoy driving it. Round two of the motorkhana series came up and it was only a few km from my house so I thought I've got nothing to lose. Set to adjusting my handbrake and thought I will push it home if I have any major clutch problems. I wish that second photo was better quality. Again another awesome day. Thankfully no pushing required either. Had some tips from the old man and a few of the guys that knew what they were doing, including a fella named Craig who won the event in his Mini. Learnt lots about car control and am sort of getting the hang of the handbrake now. I was doing reasonably well until I couldn't crack one of the last courses of the day which put me back. Consistency seems to be the key here. So this about brings us up to date. Car is still very much drive able. I put a new grille on it at the end of last year as well as using rivnuts on the flares and a few other little things. Lockdown induced boredom made me paint the old grille black and take the spotlights off to clean things up a bit. I'd like an Italian spec black Innocenti grill one day, but this will do for now. I've got a huge wish list of things from Japan and England that I'll get underway once this level 4 is over. I was going to wait until the last few motorkhanas were over, as there was two more rounds planned and didn't want to have the car out of action. But now I can take some time and do it properly. Which is kind of why I left it when it shat the bed. The engine and subframe will be coming out as the gearbox has had a crunch into second since I've owned it and there is a few oil leaks (typical). So that will be getting rebuilt with new Baulk rings along and will be throwing in a new clutch slave. . Wanted to do everything at once. Already got some new tyres on there way thanks to Hyper's 40% off and free shipping lockdown sale and hopefully another set of wheels lined up too. If you've read all of this, thanks for sticking with us this far. I've learnt so much already. Definitely no regrets.
  5. Discussion thread (add your feedback or comments, keeps Build threads Tidy as per OS Community Standards ) Amy has been on about getting a cool old car for a while and the opportunity to grab this came up a few weeks back and 'unveil' it at an event on the weekend Absolutly Stock as a rock "barn find" from local, was an old Barry's who passed away & wife kept it in the shed & rego lapsed, Mate found it in 2015, revinned & now we have it with under 100,000 Kilometres on the ODO push button AM radio 3 Speed Auto 1147cc Fury 1st mod was to rob the Hotwires off the Avenger (Only Mags I have that will fit, they may not be permanent) Probably the only time I am allowed to do modify her car and yep Amy has joined the forums on the 'quiet' and to do that I had to find spare wheels for the Blue 'one' to get the Cheviots off to fit to the Red "one" hence the 'new' look recently, and hunt for Car dollys to fit more cars into sheds frigging cool, but Mines heaps faster (at the moment) have already acquired a set of headers from Josh in CHCH, seeking spare springs to hack (or lowering options) and talk of a spare 1500 near by is getting me frothing and just hunting a Manual cog swapper now for period correct Updates also fyi I spotted Sam's one for sale on the Facebook last night too if you're looking for something Similar (Motueka) already with a few tasty mods that didn't last long! Discuss :
  6. One of my long term projects, 1980 toyota crown. brought it after it sat up the end of the brook valley after the old couple parked it up when it hit 400,000 ks gave them $200 and i was away. towed it home, some new fuel, plugs and a dizzy cap and it fired up pretty good. unfortunaley has the common rear quarter rust. pretty bad, someones patched it up before and made an average job. plan is to get it legal (can't see it needing much bar the rust) and just drive it, eventually lower it
  7. Discussion for the Corona coupe, would love to know about any others in NZ. Compared to the Celica there are far fewer photos and much less info on the Internet about them. Cheers!
  8. So I have decided to do a build thread on my 1987 Toyota Mark II so i can have a record of all the mods I have done and also so anyone else interested can have a look. I saw the car on Trademe about a month ago and fell inlove with it pretty much straight away, so i called the owner up and asked if i could come have a look that night. After giving it a look over and not being able to find any faults, apart from the minor rust on the underside of the bonnet, I purchased it and was extremely pleased. I quickly sold my Subaru before the turbo blew up. The mark II is a factory manual (w55) and has a 1.8L, 4cyl engine (1s). A f*ckload better on fuel than the Subey. The next day at work I put it up on the hoist to have a look underneath and replaced the engine oil, oil filter, diff oil, and gearbox oil. I also found that the driveshaft hanger bearing was f*cked so I ordered a new one. Oh my occupation is a Toyota mechanic by the way, so that comes in handy. After replacing the driveshaft hanger bearing the next day, i thought of what I wanted to do next. I got a fresh W.O.F and some rego so atleast it was all road worthy. So recently i have been looking at an insane amount of mark II and Cressida build threads on the net and have pretty much sorted the look i want to go for. Heres a pic of when i got her, only thing I had done is fitted the train hanger. As you can see, she is completely standard and waaaaaay too high. so I called in a favor from my dad , Iain Wilson, at Racelign/Autolign in Mt Wellington. He hooked me up with some Bilstein shocks for the rear, Dobi lowering springs all around and shortened shocks in the front. You cant really see how low it is in this picture but i will upload a decent pic tomorrow, also this was after I gave her a decent wash and polish. Bilsteins and Dobis. It rides so much better now and doesnt look like a boat. Ill upload a decent pic of how it sits tomorrow. Also I decided that I wanted a twin 2inch boso style exhaust, but not an over the top exhaust that goes over the roof or anything, just like, 300mm out the back on an angle. So I went and talked to Derek ( not sure if thats spelt right ) at Counties Mufflers, he was extremely helpful and gave me a few options, definitely recommend this guy to anyone looking for work done on their exhaust system. So what im going to do is remove the rear muffler and then have a splitter separating the 1 and a half inch exhaust into 2 2inch pipes. But when i removed the rear muffler tonight and started it up I decided I might fit a small muffler before the splitter because its offensively loud haha. So i cut the pipe just before the muffler, heres some pics. Tomorrow ill finish it off and put some pics of when its done. Heres some more pics of the car, ill update my progress tomorrow, cheers, Jake. Okay so today I got my new muffler. The entry pipe to it is '1 and a half inch' and then it has 2 '2 and a quarter' outlets. So it will go where the old muffler was and have 2 long 2 and a quarter pipes out the back. I havent fitted it yet as I got it a bit late in the day so I will have to wait till I can do it at work tomorrow. Heres a picture of it anyway. Will let you guys know the progress Okay, so, I got my exhaust on, heres the pics, excuse the bad welding but it was my first time welding on exhaust piping, and my third time actually welding haha, but this project is all about learning so here we go: Not sure what my next mod will be, hopefully some new rims if I can find some cheap, good looking ones. Might post some more pics of the car cruising this weekend, cheers
  9. This has been a long time coming. Have finally retrieved the wagon off the old alcoholic geezer down the road. He imported it at 40,000kms and his goal was to do 300,000 in it before he sold it. That's just happened. The body has had a reasonably rough life but that doesn't phase me. I fecking love it. The 1987 Toyota Mark II GX70 wagon! It's heart is a 2y, 1800cc 4cyl manual with 340,000kms on the clock I believe it's a w55 gear box but I'm sure someone will set me strait if I'm wrong! Goals: #Find the old girl a new pair of shoes, I am open to suggestions and offers, if you think you can help me out, I'm an apprentice chippy so I'm not looking to spend heaps! At this stage I think I'll have some 14" stealies widened, pretty deep and tyres stretched to suit. #Slam the old girl,(I didn't know how else to word that but it sounds duuurty) I'm after some help in this area too.... In regard to who to go through, what i need etc! Thanks to anyone who can help. #A new heart.. As much as this engine has done well in its time I would love to replace it for a new slightly faster beating heart. Perhaps a 1ggze, 1ggte, 1jzgte. Again, when the time comes I'm well open to suggestions ideas, advice and most probably some help. Issues: When in reverse or taking off in first gear the car has a hella shudder going on. Issue fixed if clutch is ridden but obviously not ideal. I've checked engine mounts and there fine. What else could this be? Cheers.
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