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Found 8 results

  1. Hey fellas After some years outa the car building game have been making some progress on a new project, its not old but thought Id post it up here since have lurked for years here and seems like oldschool's one of the last well frequented NZ fabrication forums... Have always been a fan of the american muscle truck thing, even though doesnt seem to really exist here. When shopping for a sensible new family ute a few years back a saw a tidy '05 KUN Hilux that had been tastefully transplanted with a drag-spec LT1 350 chev and 4L60E auto. Not sure I have any pics from when I first bought it but did a few things including deleting the chromy bits to this spec Having built a few cars in the past and having always ending up jaded over how you seem to burn more money than you could have ever dreamed, this was the first car that I bought already modified, as figured may as well make good on someone elses financial haemorrhage. Problem with that is after owning the truck for some months I found more and more stuff where the quality of 'craftsmanship' drove me insane. Stuff like washers spacing out the custom front brakes to make them fit (R32 calipers and bigger rotors), modified crossmembers reinforced with mild steel chequer plate that look like theyd been cut by a blind person (no deburr), abortion exhaust that was unremovable without cutting etc. Also the LT1 had way too big a cam for just punting around the streets day to day so ended up deciding to reinvent the shiny lux... First came some BC coilovers up front and new wheels and rubber, but most importantly the LT1 had to go: Keeping the american muscle theme its a '08 Silverado donk, aka 4.8 LS motor. It is the smallest of the LS series engines, couldve bought something bigger but plan is to turbo it and hopefully get the best of both worlds being fuel economy underneath boost, and insane crazy power when so desired. Also bought some bits to upgrade the baby LS To be continued
  2. Ive been following Kpr's hilux build on here after seeing a video on facebook of it shredding mud and decided people might want to see how i guess a similar build is going. (not trying to steal spot light just think people might be intrested) bare with me i have like 200+photos and alot of info to type so may take awhile im a drainlayer by trade so deffo not a pro but have had my fair share of building 4x4s and other things. haters shall hate... ill start from the very begining, so after i finished building 2x nissan patrols i wanted something abit more exciting, so feburary 2017 i aquired a certified 1991 ln106 hilux with a 350 sbc with a R series toyota box behind it, it ran like shit when i brought it so the mods began and i got it running nice again with new carby, leads, intake etc
  3. hey guys! so this is for my new stance project, a yota! not an austin... oops brought this 85 2wd 2L flat deck hilux! got it for $1000 off a mate, not wof and reg until 14/11/14 and the inspiration for this project are as follows BUT FIRST!!! WOF!!! discuss here
  4. Discussion thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/40381-shakotoms-1985-toyota-hilux/ Once upon a time i went off roading with a mate and decided it was fun playing in the mud. a period of time went by and I was driving my dads safari to work and was like yeah... I could put up with this. So i did some research and semi decided i wanted something with a solid front and rear end, that would be easy to maintain and relatively reliable. I thought about a Safari as I really like my dads but decided they were a bit out of my price range. So i though Toyotas are pretty bulletproof... so HiLux? Did a bit more hunting and found heaps of IFS ones. Eventually some solid axle ones turned up and i narrowed it down to two i was interested in. One being a real tidy 1990 single cab with brand new tyres, Rego, Wof and harldy any issues. The other being well the complete opposite. yet again the heart ruled over the head... So i towed home this ratty and rusty hilux because i liked the earlier front end rather than the newer one. Looking back it wouldve been easier to buy the later model one and source a earlier set of guards ect from a wreckers I knew it had a bit of rust in places in the body, but everything else appeared to be sweet and it drove fine. The more poking around I actually did after i got it home revealed actually how crappy it was. As i was told my one of my mates 'Ive seen better in a junkyard' and as i researched more about it there was way more missing, cut out or just not there in general than I realised. The surface rust in the fire wall and floor turned into a hole, after stripping the interior to see the extent of the rust i found it had got into the wiper channel aswell. the bit of rust in the sills turned in to big holes. The aftermarket bucket seats were barely held in by dodgy looking brackets. someone had cut a gaping hole in and the lower part of the radiator support was missing also. rear brakes were seized and pedal disappeared to the floor. and the chassis/components had copped a can of black over the top of dirt/grease/muck which was peeling off. But on a better note. The set of pretty much brand new 33x12.5 mud tyres my dad had on his pajero fit this, Its got a 2in lift on EFS springs, and the same on the body. The LSD in the rear appears flamin tight, and it fitted 99% of my wants from a fourby. Plus its a HiLux... There pretty much bullet proof. (well I dont think TopGear tested that, but it withstood pretty much everything they could drop on it, it off, drive it in to, going for a swim and their genral crazyness) Now ive had this a couple of months actually and in the doing so proceeded to start removing things to inspect/clean/repair/or replace as applicable, But that went way further than intended. Once the interior was removed, and the gearbox was out to replace the clutch, the engine came out too because it was too dodgy leaving it there without a rear mount, Dad and i decided that it was 6 bolts and we could lift the body off real easy to get rid of the gunk on the chassis. So we did. Next thing the chassis had been completely stripped and bare metalled, leaf springs split to individual leaves and both diffs dissassembled and everything has been given the once over. The chassis was covered in about a centimeter of gunk on the outside and we probably got about 10L of sand out if the inside of the chassis. Im pretty sure theres still more in there but weve shaken it, flipped it, banged it, and blown it out as best as we possibly can. So im quite happy with it Both diffs were dissassembled, baremetalled, and inspected. The front axle seals were leaking so the steering knuckle was full of an oil/grease mixture which smelt fantastic. apart from that both diffs checked out, So Ive etch primed and painted both diffs black reassembled them and ordered a swivel kit for the front. The chassis been etchprimed and blacked also. Hopefully itll stick a bit better and also make future cleaning of it alot easier. During all that, The leaf springs have been cleaned up and painted as well as the associated componentry. Every single Ubolt fought with me when being undone. My rattle gun wouldnt crack them and ended up having to use a meter long pipe over a power bar to undo them and then they all proceded to break or bend. So new EFS ones were ordered off 4WDBits with a EFS shackle bush kit. which were installed along with the reassembled leaf springs onto the chassis Excuse the tiny little tyres, but its alot easier to work on with them on The front leaf springs have been put back in and the diffs almost ready to go in aswell, but i managed to drop the hub on my foot and now have a cast on it for a week to immobilse it while whatevers wrong with it fixes itself. So hopefully thats off by the end of the week and itll just have to be strapped up. So lesson learnt. HiLux hubs plus feet = Less than ideal
  5. So finally the time has come that I decided to make my first car thread.. Years back in December '13 I bought this mighty looking lux off Turners auctions in CHCHland without having a look at it.. Made all the mistakes of not looking at it, not getting a pre purchase inspection, purchasing without wof, and falling in love at first sight. Paid $3800 and then shipped it up to Auckland. About a day before it arrived I realized how much of a bad idea that was and thought I would literally receive a pile of rust with a blown engine etc etc. But.. Finally got to see the beast, turns out to be the tidiest looking surf I have seen of that age, all completely original (Even head deck) seats were nice, carpets all original and stain-free, pretty much new all terrain tires. Took it to for a wof, passed with flying colors and my mechanic got in touch with the guys who did the last service in Christchurch. Turns out the engine had blown up 15,000kms ago and they had completely rebuilt the damn thing. So now I have over $5k worth of invoices as proof of the engine replacement Since purchase, I have done a few significant trips; Auckland - Gizzy - Whangamata - Home, Auckland -Christchurch and a few Christchurch - Dunedins. Only needed to change oil once Topless pic Anyway my first fuckup, wof has been failed because all the rear suspension bushings are fucked and need replacing which apparently is a $450 job so I told him I'd come back with new ones fitted. Anyway straight home, and getting to work, removing the tow bar to get into the leaf springs. However tow bar nuts are rusted/corroded solid and any effort with spanners is just rounding the edges of the nut. Thought that it was finally time to put this up here and ask for some good oldschool advice. Meanwhile; any oldschoolers around Christchurch/Ilam/UC area? Admins: If this post doesn't belong here just let me know and I'll copy paste it somewhere else More photos to come..
  6. Soooooooo, Once again I have a different vehicle to call my own. 1985 Toyota Hilux, Jap import, RH35. So runs a lovely 12r! (yuck) and column shift action. Inside is mint, motor is mint, body. well, rust is comming. But big plans, bought it on original steelies, already nicly (illeglally) lowered. So far I have just bought those wheels and drivin around about 3 times.......... But should have drop spinldes comming for it very soon, and will pull of the try to fix the rust and start on the c notch. Plan on keeping this one, long time dream ute really......... Ended up swapping the hiace van for it, as I was sick of pooring money down the gas tank, plus, I figured everything I wanted to do to the van, I would rather do to a ute, so splended! Here are some pics for the record. Splended Allan
  7. So i bought this ute today since i think i miss my old one. Its a 1976 1600cc nz new jobbie. There is some rust in the floor under those dodgily applied panels It even has a wof, from the mighty paeroa! Pimpin vinyl interior (hah) Firewall also has cancer As does the battery tray Once i get the cab off and attack the cancerous monster that currently resides in it im thinking of widened steels with flappers and keep the factory wheel nut covers on. I was thinking of re powering with a 18rg so i can have twin cam goodness and it bolts right into the place of the power house that currently sits in the engine bay. Discuss: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/21263-uteruss-rustly-addition-hilux/?hl=hilux PS: It's mustard yellow.
  8. This is my daily driver. Its a Ln56 Toyota Hilux Ute, 2wd (rwd), running a massive 2.4 Litre Desiel engine (non-turbo) already fitted with a 2002 wellside deck & lowered 50mm (front and rear) Converted gearbox from colum change to floor change Pretty much a blank canvas.
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