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Found 7 results

  1. In a rare moment of lucidity, I realised the poor old girl lanquishing in the shed under a pile of parts and gathering dust had just celebrated her 45th birthday. She has been parked after overheating a couple of years ago and being put in the 'too hard' basket and forgotten about - apart from my girls who love playing in the 'big car' in Dad's shed. Despite having umpteen other projects on the go (plus wife/kids/work/sports) I decided I needed something else to spend time/money and to skin my knuckles on. Shit pic but it reflects the loss of dignity of the old girl being parked up and used as a bench... It is a factory 302 Fairmont, C4 with column change and fold down seat between the buckets. Had her since I was 18, and despite the mistakes of youth, I still have original 2 barrel carb, manifolds etc tucked away. Now, I could just sort the overheating issue and drive her, OR I could take the chance to pull the engine, tidy up 40+ yrs of use, and add some fun bits while I'm at it - so she can gather her skirts and keep up with the brash young tarts of today. Seeing a 2T engine hoist on sale at The Toolshed with free delivery made my mind up, so I ripped into it last night...
  2. Here she is, my 1987 Ford Falcon XF GL. 250 Crossflow engine. She's an EFI model but running a 350 Holley on a redline intake manifold. 3 speed Borg Warner box that goes alright for now. Mods already done: -Factory wheels swapped with some 12 slotters running 225s up the front and 245s out the back. -Bull bar removed, nicely might I add, so all mounts are intact if I want to sell or put em back on. -Mounted an AFR gauge that I had lying round under the steering wheel. Here's mods list for short term: - New lowering springs front and rear, not super lows - New shocks to suit springs - New wheel bearings - New disk rotors - New ball joints - New Nolethane bushes all round (too stiff and noisy, thoughts???) - New tie rods and ends - Eb V8 rear diff 3.27 ratio LSD (wider by 10mm but should be sweet) - EF/EL sedan tailshaft Here's the longer term mods: - BF Barra N/A - Matched 4 speed btr - Tailshaft to suit - Engine and box mounts (Thoughts on Tuff Mounts, Rod Shop or another brand???) - Front sway bar to clear barra sump. Most likely buy new - Loom to suit - Standalone ecu or reflash stock Barra (not sure yet) - Manualized shift kit - B&M ratchet shifter - Get it engineered (this is where the list will get bigger) - Rust remove and respray If you've made it this far, maybe you'd like to pick any of this rough plan apart! Any criticism welcomed. Cheers.
  3. OK, so this is coming up again soon. There was some chat about it at Wagnats, so I'm assuming there are some extra attendees this year. We'll be there in the Mercury, had to arrange new accommodation again (due to flood damage) so will be hanging out down towards the surf club. Arriving Wednesday sometime.
  4. Gwils - 1966 - Ford Fairmont Brought this car in immaculate condition. Car had been acid blasted and taken back to bare steel. It had then been repainted in a brilliant white. The interior had also been totally reupholstered in white and grey. The original 170 pursuit engine had been replaced with a 250ci out of an XY Falcon. The rest of the running gear is original. The Plans, My intention with this car is to make it into a modern driver. All suspension, breaks and steering will be replaced with RRS replacement parts. Converting steering to rack and pinion with Power steering. Changing all the drum breaks to power disc breaks Changing front suspension to fully adjustable coilovers. Changing rear leaf suspension to a 3 Link set up with adjustable coil over shocks. Rear Diff will be a Ford 9" LSD shortened to fit. Engine will be a ford 302, Recently purchased! 69 302 windsor hencho en mexico block been rebuilt new gasket set, freshly honed bores, 30 thou bores high compression flat top pistons edelbrock 4 barrel inlet 72 heads been lapped crank and bottom end in good condition cobra rocker covers Trans will be a C4 with a quick shifter. Watch this space for progress Also using the car as a wedding car if anyone's interested
  5. My goal is to run a SVI LPG system on my 250 2v, but I need an ecu for the ecu that came with the LPG kits to get the spark pulses from so it known when to squirt the gas in. So how do I get this sorted? Do I need to get a crank trigger sensor or something, I have already for an electronic dizzy, can I marry the two together? Any ideas/help will be awesome.
  6. Discussion Thread //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/22621-xafordgods-thumping-460ci-ute/?hl=falcon#entry580785 Righto, this old girls been sitting in my workshop now for a month or so with out me doing any work on it like I should be. Too busy fixing other peoples cars....lol. So after going through the project cars threads has made me wanna do some more. Anyway she's a xc ute that was the previous owners daily driver for 15 years ( big block and all was fitting 12 years ago ) untill I bought it. He moved to aussie so I bought all his falcon stuff including the ute. All the hard work was done just the body was a bit sad. 460 bb ( thats 7.6 litres of grunt ) and c6 ridgeback, dedicated LPG, 460 torker intake, electronic ignition, twin pipes, lsd disc brake diff, 28mm front sway bar, heavy duty springs. Drives and handles excellent. Sits on dragway 14 x 7 with 245 BFGs. I drove it for a year ( had her nearly 2 years ) untill warrent of fitness and lpg tank expired and parked her up. Awesome tow car with loads of torque. I was going to do the big pull down but have just decided to just give her a tidy up and paint and get her on the road again coz the xd ute just dosent cut it for towing power...lol. It will get fully restored at a later date. I bolted repaired front guards and taildoor on ages ago so they are done. Door shuts are painted so its just the left door, both rear guards and roof to panelbeat. Rust wise its not too bad, below is a pic of bottom right rear guard. Just painting it satin black. Will put up more pics as I progress. Cheers, Brendon
  7. Discussion //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/22500-xafordgods-falcons/?hl=xafordgod Just a couple of pics of my 1972 xa fairmont coupe. 302 V8, 7" tridents with 265/50/14 bridgestone eagers, cd player, 6 x 9s and 2 12" subs. 1978 XC Falcon, 7" tridents. XC is getting engine transplant very soon as this is our new purchase from mcleans island swapmeet. One owner for 25 years. 1972 XA Falcon GT Coupe, wild plum, matching numbers, electric windows, 351 V8. I imported this from aussie 3 years ago. 1978 XC Falcon Ute, 460 cu in V8, dedicated LPG, now sitting on 2 piece dragway mags with 245/60/14 bfgs, not tridents in pic. Will get more pics as panel and paint progresses. Currently painting matt black. We have more cars and will get more pics up later. Cheers
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