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  1. Link?? Im keen to go just need some details
  2. New parts!!! Widened Stealies 13x7.5 One painted, one not Also new/almost new indicator lenses
  3. Only rotor bits left on it are the driveshaft and hydro clutch. Even the mounts have been cut off the crossmember. Welcome to come have a look at it before Monday if you need any bits
  4. I like the metallic brown aswell. Its gona stay. Swapping front ends cause I like the older look/ more chrome/ Have widen steelies for it... Pics to come The white car is stuffed. I got it minus motor etc. Inner guards cut out, had a big smack in the front and very neglected. Was only good for parts
  5. Yeah. White one does have adjustables that the old owner is meant to be picking up , apparently b1600 diff. Asked in the tech questions as it looks the same as my one in the brown wagon. Front already off and being cleaned up. Trying to find nice tidy bits for it
  6. Well after lurking for long enough decided to start my own project thread Car is a Mazda 323 RWD. Came with standard 1300. Plans are to tidy it up, get it legal then maybe do some mods. Link to discussion. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/42269-marshs-1984-mazda-323-wagon/ Pictures as everyone loves pictures Day I got it Put the dizzy back in, tidied up the engine bay and got it sort of running And got this one for parts. Current plan is paint roof, get wof. Then tyres for my widened stealies
  7. Is that any help? Im going to pull the axles out later in the week. With wheels on the car spinning one wheel would turn the driveshaft but not the other wheel. Did the same for both sides?!?!
  8. .......when its not in a B1600. I bought a parts Mazda 323. Usual crap, set up for rotor etc. Have been told it has a B1600 LSD/diff in it. Is there any easy way to tell as it looks the same as my standard diff head to me?
  9. Ive got a guard roller in Dunedin. They do a good job as long as you are just wanting to roll your inner lip flat. Trying to pump the guards makes a bit of a mess. You might chip off a bit of paint as you bend the lip but thats all
  10. Do you need cert for drop spindles in a ute? Wanting a set for my Navara but don't want to have to cert it
  11. Il come and say hello. All my old cars are currently in pieces though
  12. What carbs are those ones?? Not that I need to collect more pieces...
  13. Cheers guys. Frost plugs sound like the easiest way to go for me.
  14. Hi all Have bought a 4age to put into my start and also got a set of sidedraft dellortos for it. What is the best way to block off the injector holes into the head? Was thinking either tapping and screwing in bolts or using something like sellys kneed it or quik steel
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