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  1. I'm thinking we can meet at zebra wreckers car park in manukau since most car people know it and it's on te south side of Auckland
  2. A few of us are hoping to roll down to the Hamilton swap meet as a club, check out the swap sites and if you want to check out the classic car museum there will be plenty of time! Then all roll around to Valiant Gregs open day at Midnight upholstery where we can kick it and have a few beers and see what Greg does aswell as eat ice cream. Unsure where we will meet at this stage but I'm sure we will come up with something. The date is Sunday the 15th of May. Please post your interest here http://www.fordv8parts.com/events/hamilton-collectable-swap-meet/
  3. I'll have a chat with tom maybe OS could convoy with his club since they will be rolling from same place.
  4. Yeh sorry was going to start a thread over weekend for aucklanders to roll down but got super busy will do tonight
  5. Make sure you double wrap ur dong it's Hamilton
  6. Lol me and Neal are just about to announce a cruise this weekend! Not to my place tho I'm a construction site at the moment. Thinking going Hamilton swapmeet then to gregs midnight upholstery open day. I'm starting a thread this weekend
  7. He's not wrong Greg! Pretty much the reason I'm not bothered going anymore the cops ruined everyone's fun last year with throwing stickers out like a lolly scramble. If you don't have wof reg and it looks legal I wouldn't take it anymore.
  8. Steel surgeon did the alloy sump on my old chev wagon cut and weld tidy as. Otherwise I'd use TTT automotive engineers but I know they moving location
  9. If anyone goes along to truck show go check out my company I work for stand if I'm around ill hit you up some free shit like royal purple t shirts or something. We are the iveco truck withe the fuck off big v16 on the back for Lolz
  10. Oh wow I really havnt looked on this in a long time! Reason for change to edelbrock was the Holley needed a rebuild was over fuelling big time. And I've had a few of these edelbrock carbs before and I understand them quite well so just wanted to keep with the same. Yes still have the c10, I've been working on my house a lot this summer so no work been done on my c10 just been driving it a lot. Can seat 3 easy maybe not for long trips but def enough room. Only issue is the steering wheel is quite close to you which can be a pest since there's no adjustment like with c30 Chevy trucks. Could do a steering swap if needed from a c30 perhaps if u had issues
  11. Next weekend February 27 is the wellsford/warkworth swap meet on satellite station road hosted by the local classic car club And the day after is the annual wellsford truck show! 120 trucks enters this year. If a group of OSers wana go to it I'll happily have a BBQ lunch at my pad around the corner afterwards!
  12. holey fuck! massive effort by everyone involved this year!! huge amount of club cars and people lots of new faces from the club too. was great to have a banner this year to be somewhat of an official club. valiant effort everyone. i can def wait another year till the next one, already have a kumeu cruiser project in mind for the next one. best car on day: rustisizes model T best kumeu crusing car: threeonthetrees morris minor car and trailer (amount of people on and still driving around still to be confirmed) most popular slammed beetle: joels blue beetle
  13. Hve a spot in the main grass area almost in the corner of the grass imbankment
  14. I'm pretty sure you can walk through with beers, I don't see why not.
  15. good job ben! banner holder is made, truck almost packed just one more day of work then be rolling into the sunset to kumeu tomrrow arvo
  16. awesome ben catch you thursday after work! im going to throw my bar leaner on the back on my truck so if anyone has any bar stools chuck them in your cars!
  17. Anyone who has an old car can park inside driver gets in for free. Def can come park up with us
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