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  1. drift_ae70

    mlracing's Hakosuka.

    My father told me a story of one of these, a guy named Dave Storey had one in the 80s/ maybe early 90s. Was a blue 2 door, he dropped in a windsor v8 and ran it in Waiuku clubsport events, like closed road sprints, hill climbs etc. Not sure what happened to it, or where it is now
  2. drift_ae70

    Toyota crown jzs145 airbag suspension

    Only one in rear sounds about right, on the left rear. I think he did cut them, not sure how much. cant remember though was back in like 09. Might pay to take note of length etc before pulling them out and chopping though
  3. drift_ae70

    Toyota crown jzs145 airbag suspension

    You can chop/shorten/modify the rods on the height sensors in each corner. mate did it in his soarer. But its the cheap way of doing it. Try looking on the rear toe arms for the rear height sensor rods This gives you a fair idea about the height you can drive at though
  4. drift_ae70

    Japaneses Diesel cars running on New Zealand Diesel?

    Not too sure, prob give better economy or be more environmentally friendly, i wouldnt bother using it.
  5. drift_ae70

    Japaneses Diesel cars running on New Zealand Diesel?

    Well i work at toyota, and it is all about the servicing with these new common rails diesels. ive worked on hundreds of new and older shape hiaces, hiluxs, prados etc. They will run on our diesel fine, (its the petrol direct injection engines that dont like our shitty petrol) Most of the ones we have problems with are the ones that dont get serviced. Although you do get the odd one thats filled up at a station with contaminated fuel, or from their own source. You can run new toyota common rails on biodiesel with 5% ethanol, it will be fine. but a higher percentage will absorb and hold alot more moisture, and the injectors are very precise and nothing in the system likes moisture. Id recommend buying NZ new diesels, that way you know you have a warranty and then service it regularly, on the dot from new. The manufacturer will look after you, well, toyota will!
  6. drift_ae70

    The offroad thread!

    Are you in a 4wd club? It's cheaper to go into Woodhill if your truck is decent and you are in a club (safety patrol) Nope not in a club, me and another surf and double cab hilux just go play any where. we have been to woodhill a few times, its good knowing there are other trucks apart from us around though in case! Been to the bombing range out at muriwai 2 or 3 times, gone up thompsons track, gone up wires road in coromandel a few times. bit more fun/dangerous though coz theyre natural tracks and in the middle of nowhere lol. been in some pretty hairy situations! woodhill was $55 last time i went. its good fun though, Next time we go there or any where will see if any one else wants to come?
  7. drift_ae70

    The offroad thread!

    that pig farm really does look good! this is my truck, http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.100468340007896.114.100001341901543#!/photo.php?fbid=176514965736566&set=a.100468340007896.114.100001341901543&type=1&theater 1993 surf, 1kz 3litre turbo, 1inch lift springs in back, soon to be 3inch lift snorkel, 31inch bridgestone dueler mt's no rear bumper and no sidesteps.
  8. drift_ae70

    1600 crossflow engine numbers?

    Hey, have an escort 1600 crossflow, MY engine number is 711M6015BA. Am after another engine, found one but on the block it says 68H E605D-A. ?? Does anyone know what this number means? Any info on this block? Thanks Daniel
  9. drift_ae70

    Nics AZ10 Special sauce Discussion.

    Ive seen your blue celica driving quite a bit up greenmount drive (in east tamaki) i work just round the corner at toyota ,that was you sheepers aye? fark that things cool
  10. drift_ae70

    Mk2 escort Sport project

    Thanks mate, yeap, and painted it in the garage at home.
  11. drift_ae70

    corona conversion

    Townace hubs aye? interesting....
  12. drift_ae70

    TT132 Suspention and brakes

    Keep the standard wheel brearing as youd still use the standard hub/strut. machine out the centre hole of the disc and drill the 4 smaller holes for it to bolt to the hub. Then yea, make adaptor to mount the callipers in the right place. Or hilux 4pot/peugeot 604 rotor conversion which is easy - im doing this atm. KE70 is same as ae86, << (top hat bolt spacing and steering arm spacing)>> ae70 same as te71. Me and my cousin have had alot of problems with this, ive got an ae70, he got te71. dunno why the stupidest things are slightly different I guess you can use any struts/brakes, use original top hat and get the whole lower arm/strut assembly and bolt it in, most stuff is, surprisingly, interchangeable! Ive got ma45 struts/ke70 steering arms/ke30 lower arms (85mm steering arm spacing - same as late ke70/ae86) Ke30/tt132/ae70/te71/ke70 lower arms have same size balljoint. of course ke30/corona are longer arms too. Whats gay is there are also two other sizes of balljoint. The bigger balljoints, in cressidas, and the ones in ma61/3's etc. my mate had this problem when putting cressida vented brakes into his st140, he had ma61 steering arms (mounting holes had different offset), but couldnt use the cressida arms, coz of the different balljoint! I reckon the hilux4pot conversion is pretty easy on these struts. Thats why im doing atm. Its pretty cheap too. Just thought id share my experiences lol
  13. Hey, thought id put this up on here. Got it about 6months ago from down in hunua, was just a standard escort sport, very original condition...it had an alarm too!?? lol, now its still pretty original but its mint! Has been fully restored, bare metal respray etc etc, Been sprayed a slightly different shade of the original bronze. EVERYTHING cleaned, painted, suspension all nolethaned up etc. Nothings been upgraded... yet. Here it is when we got it, rust holes here and there, GOLD sport stripes. Then it was stripped down, everything removed, paneled, removed all rust, and painted. Just had the stripes put back on a few days ago, got them in black coz gold didnt stand out too well. And yea, just need a few more parts, like ;drivers door window sill rubber/seal ;RHS front bumper over rider ;ESCORT boot badge (block style letters) ;Boot spoiler ;Side mirrors And thats my ae70 hardtop. Has smallport 4age, adjusties, t50 5speed, T series disc diff, celica front struts with 10" rotors. its mean fun!