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  1. I'm not sure its ready for my level of sarcasm.
  2. As stated above, it's not the lift that kicks a 4WD into requiring cert, it's the additional mods that come with it.
  3. Yes, the issue will come about from the angle of the steering drag link will be steep enough that you will probably need to fit a longer/adjustable drag link. That does require cert.
  4. Grab a copy of the threshold document. It lists all the modifications that don't require certification in one handy location. https://lvvta.org.nz/documents/suplementary_information/LVVTA_LVV_Cert_Threshold.pdf
  5. How do you decide that a vehicle you are inspecting for a WoF requires cert.
  6. It's not a 50mm lift that requires cert. It's how it is lifted that makes that determination.
  7. I haven't checked a WoF for 15 years, so I'm outta touch. Maybe @alltorque can correct me on the way things are done these days.
  8. Also, don't worry, I "argue" with people all day long. It's normally only the ones who take a highly unlikely modification and apply a requirement in a hypothetical situation that doesn't even apply to their own vehicle just to win an "argument". It's those people who wig me out.
  9. Normally a WoF inspector would not need to ask the question provided the vehicle was not extreme in height and the vehicle handled and performed as expected. If their alarm bells were going off then it would be up to the owner to prove their vehicle complied, it is not up to the WoF inspector to prove it doesn't. A WoF inspector has a certain amount of descretion, that's why they have to had been in the trade for 4 years prior to getting their authority.
  10. Yes edit: for clarity, must be catalogued by a reputable suspension manufacturer, not a list of part numbers on some random spreadsheet on an obscure website.
  11. I get calls about this kind of thing several times a week, a vehicle owner will ring up complaining that a WoF inspector has incorrectly interpreted a requirement telling them they need a cert. From the information provided by the vehicle owner we can determine the WoF inspector has correctly interpreted the requirement and I can explain this to the vehicle owner. we can determine the WoF inspector has incorrectly interpreted the requirement and I encourage the vehicle owner to get the inspector to call me and I can explain it to them When the WoF inspector calls I can explain the requirements to them, sometimes it turns out the information provided by the caller was incorrect or an important detail was missed out of the conversation meaning the WoF inspector was actually correct and I encourage the WoF inspector to then get the vehicle owner to call me back so I can explain it to them if needed. We have pretty good bullshit detectors here and can get most of the necessary information out of the vehicle owner pretty quickly unless they are intentionally hiding something knowing it will change the answer, a call from the WoF inspector usually clears that up though.
  12. No I don't sorry. FYI - in this instance, direct replacement means an unmodified catalogued part for the vehicle. eg: if you fit R32 Skyline springs in an R31 Skyline they may fit but they are not a direct replacement.
  13. What's vague? I can clarify. Also only the bits in yellow are changed from previous threshold doc.
  14. Hey Leon. Anything that has been previously certified is accepted at face value unless there is something that could be considered not fit for purpose or if it was unsafe.
  15. I think this might be a better pic of the crossmember. Discuss here - https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/26290-k-trips-1982-holden-commodore-vh/
  16. We'll talk about a spanner in the works. Some guy named Covid (sounds Dutch) threw a bit of a curve ball. Seeing as my lockup was the other side of town and further away than I was allowed to travel. This thing has been on ice for 7 weeks. Anyhow first day back on the spanners netted some progress. Super stoked with how the crossmember and rack turned out.
  17. Interest expressed, attendance dependent on my use-less-ness
  18. Oh wait you mean supermarket? yeah samesies here. BOOKED SOLID.
  19. For WoF? Only essential vehicles can get WoF's during lockdown. Trucks/taxis/delivery vehicles etc. Also the word is that police will be lenient on cars with WoF's that have expired during the lockdown, providing the driver passes the attitude test and they aren't just out for a jaunt to the beach to cough on someone elses kids.
  20. Tapered wheel nuts are insufficient with a spacer. Requires a hubcentric ring on the spacer or the wheels needs to locate on the hub.