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  1. So the top mount for the ew conversion had been made and powder coated. The new eider aches are almost done, fronts are done, rears are being made this week.
  2. Yeah it's going to be a long slow process but I'll get there and it will be an all new weapon when I do... Should be considerably faster... Well that's the plan.
  3. From what i currently know, the BE3 ATB diff should fit into the BE4/5 gearbox, it shouldn't be too hard to test tho. The EW is the evolution of the XU series engine and has some very very very major changes. One of the biggest has to be the oil drains: EW10: Yes those are the oil drains either side of the liners. XU10: You can see the much larger oil drains at the ends of the block vs the XU9 below XU9: note the ultra small oil drains at either end of the block.
  4. Epic thread resurection.... I've finished up with my sports stuff so I can start to focus on getting the 205 back together... It's been a while since i looked at anything to do with the car, and well there has been a LOT of backwardsness to the project since dec 2013 at which point a cover was thrown over the car and forgotten about.... poor racey.... So it's pretty well known that the EW engines have crap manifolds... Pretty obvious to see why Longmans got 190hp from a new intake and exhaust manifold and custom ecu on one of these things... Here is the exhaust manifold; Satchell Engineering in the UK is currently building a jig for creating the top engine mount i'll need. So that well be a bit fabrication that i'll need to get done here for the conversion, and he's a reknown Pug nutter so yeah. I took the cover off the racey at the end of December and boom: Stupid rust.... It's all suface rust but it's in places that a bitch to get to, so rather than spend a LOT of time trying to get to it all and not knowing if we did - given i want to keep the car for a long time, i figured i'll do it properly and dip it known that the acid will get EVERYTHING and leave us with a good starting point. The silver paint doesn't look to have bonded very well with the below surface as we taped the bonnet down for 30 min and when we removed the tape it took a chunk of the silver paint off showing what looks to be the factory white paint underneath. Kiwi Metal Polishers in Rotorua will dip the whole car taking it back to bare metal and etch it for roughly 2.5K + GST, which i'm thinking isn't too bad. I'll then fill in any holes / cracks / damage / etc... and then get it painted. Still not sure what color, but hoping to get this done in the next 4 months or so. I'm tempted to get a set of these: (http://www.maximotorsport.com/) And get the pins removed from the doors to give the car this look:
  5. Better be... Convinced Andrea to take the RCZ along!
  6. Hmmm i have no working OS cars... wonder if i can steal one for the weekend.. .
  7. Dammit... i hate you all... i just saw this post... First time we get epic photos of this road, and i'm not there... boooo / sadness / next year you better be there as i'm either going to crash or get a 54 second run =
  8. Awesome man... Seriously wished i could be there... but was in noooo state to drive and there is an issue with the rear brakes on the daily now.
  9. I've just pulled out of Marshaling on Sunday as i know i'm not going to be able to drive... The party is for Andrea and I's secret wedding in Vegas, so i really don't think i'm going to be in a state to drive at 6:30am... So sorry guys.
  10. I'd compete also... but not sure if i'll be in a state to drive...
  11. I"ll be potentially coming down to Marshell the 205 is still dead.
  12. Sainsbury road is on the 10th who's keen?
  13. I was going to cone Marshel all the events as my car is dead... Hopefully you guys will run hiwi and sainsbury so I will come Marshel those... I miss racing...
  14. Yup! Did you have fresh tyres or the old semis? That will help also. What you ghink 50 seconds and less?
  15. From the main organizer, We have had to give away running the series. Due to problems with the Hampton Downs sprint having its numbers decimated by a similar event 3 weeks before it, the Club suffered a severe cash flow issue. In the end we had an obligation to the Fiat Club to protect what little we have. BUT, the good news is that we intend to run Hiwi Road and Sainsbury Road, Sainsbury in August, on the second Sunday, and Hiwi Road in October, the week after Bathurst. Please feel free to share this around. We will make a more formal announcement shortly, but it isn't a secret.
  16. http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dmsracingsa%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26client%3Dopera%26hs%3DnPW%26rls%3Den&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=fr&twu=1&u=http://www.mcracingsa.com/4-pieces-auto-polyester-competition/9-ford/&usg=ALkJrhi0YPy1CpjS3ZhJ4RcZ4v3f4DCfBA
  17. First step to getting this back on the road has occurred... EW10J4 engine, gearbox, loom, ecu, and driveshafts have been offered to me at a stupid price so i've bought them...
  18. Shane's video's - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151991750661318&set=o.299544302050&type=3 Brent's Video's - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151991727956318&set=o.299544302050&type=3 Please watch in HD... otherwise they look POO... sorry about the shakeyness it was on a lot of zoom at some points with no tripod...
  19. Wasn't hard to beat me that day... You didn't have to stop, get out, lift your car up so someone could pull a cone out, then get back in, belt back up, and continue!
  20. If my calcs are correct: For the whole series: Christo Strydom 389.41 (Class B Winner and Overall Champ) Brent Shaw 379.19 (Class D Winner) Heath Simone 373.75 (Class C Winner) Stacey James 373.1 (Class C 2nd place) Bruce Clothier 369.21 (Class A Winner) JJ Strydom 367.81 (Class B 2nd Place) David Middlemiss 359.51 Julie Mitchell 348.35 Ross Webster 342.12 Richard Sutherland 338.95 Nicholas Holthuisen 336.97 Mark Burrows 336.62 Shane Tinkler 336.56 Max Chambers 330.25 Glenys Middlemiss 300.33 Alan Smith 265.7
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