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  1. Cool - with luck I will have this wagon along so I can fit propshaft in. I'll (should) take the mx5 engine and box while Im at it....
  2. Get some boy racer to teach you how to use a manual again....
  3. Big congrats on making a mini me! I see a very awesomely built go kart in the future....
  4. For a Triumph? If so would it not be easier to start with the PI bodies?
  5. ^ appeals to my OCD tendencies dealing with household cables..
  6. Fitting out the interior this evening. Hannah has cleaned the seats and they came up great. Now contemplating just having rear seats only and simply extending the pedals and steering wheel back.. so comfy in there being able to stretch out. Kevin agrees...
  7. It'll be a mazda v6 one then. I think it was off an eunos 500 we got the first 1.8 v6 from. Yes.. Geoff and 8 ball.. a weekend viva mission and both get them on the road Cheers Ben.. I must grab that prop shaft btw !
  8. Cant remember actually. Possibly toyota or Mazda. Ask Zebra dude or some wrecker fella.. they'll know.
  9. I like food. I like bBQ. Might even have wagon ready soon. bunny island sounds good.
  10. Happy update time.. it runs! After chasing around electrical gremlins which ended up in a instrument cluster swap among other things I finished yesterdays efforts by filling the carb with fuel, pulling the choke out and turning the key. Two seconds later and it fired up easily. I'll get a video later. Couldnt run it for long as Id not filled it with coolant yet. I'm so happy. I'll be happier when Ive taken it for a drive and confirmed it has not got any issues like BHG etc. So going back a few days here's some things that have been finished.. First off. I finished the wiring and mounted the solenoid, tucked out of the way under the servo.. Then I thought I'd better fit the speedo cable. But it didn't turn. It was seized solid in one spot. I tried so many things to free it up, lots of wd40, plusgas, twisting, wiggling, pulling, pushing etc and finally it freed up but only one half... Luckily I had a spare cable from when Viva one was swapped over from cable speedo to my home made electronic setup. But it was really long, made to suit the Mazda rx7 gearbox and how do I shorten the inner down? I tried years ago to grind a new square end and it doesn't work. So I looked it up and the square end is actually squeezed into shape! I made a little form tool from some steel and at 5mm a time I squeezed my new cut down inner into shape... It worked a treat!.. The sparkplug leads that came with the car are horrible old red Repco branded items. Not a chance they will get fitted... I priced up leads in NZ and the prices were stupidly high, even at trade. Plus most are coloured blue or red. So Ebay Uk and the nice people at.. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/The-Green-Spark-Plug-Co?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 .. had just what I needed. 7 days later and I had a nice new set of good quality black leads for only $25.50 inc postage!!! Its great this weak Pound Sterling thing! Yesterday was finishing little things and sorting out why instruments didnt work. I found a defective circuit strip thing plus a broken plastic casing on the cluster so I swapped the parts across from a spare.. While I did that Hannah did some other jobs.. like clean the mucky sunvisors.. That is it really.. I'm hoping to do a bit more today and then take it for a drive to check it out. Very excited. It currently sits here waiting..
  11. I think I do but my fan output was not working so I was going to swap. I must look into this as that's a good idea!!!
  12. Cool. Cheers. Just thinking.. if one was to wire up a relay to the oil pressure switch it would have to be a 'normally on' or two way relay eh. I think.. (from early morning sleepy time electrical circuit planning) Or with a timer just wire it to ignition circuit? No good if someone leaves ignition on though.
  13. Off to ali now for a looksie...
  14. I was wondering about a timer as well. From what I read in the link I put above most factory ecus will know, I guess according to coolant temp, how much potential condenstaion there might be at start up. They then delay the O2 sensor from heating up for a few seconds. So yeah- a timer based off the oil switch seems like a neat idea. But Diy timer? Jaycar kit I guess?
  15. Ha ha ha...so topical to me at the moment. I have only just killed my second wideband sensor and most likely for the same reason as Dave has posted above. My first sensor I think got a bit iffy from a lot of excess fuel when I was trying to tune the 12a carb turbo. Possibly killed it with reasons above also. Second sensor which I put in a couple of years ago finally started throwing up the E8 error code. I only just happened to ring NZ performance where I bought my MTX-L kit and will get another sensor. Funny enough, since I was annoyed Ive killed another I did some reading and found this info here which backs up what Dave has just said.. http://www.nzefi.com/bosch-lsu-wide-band-airfuel-ratio-lambda-sensors-fail-often-aftermarket-performance-applications/ I have mine installed on one bank. Its possibly too close to the head although its actually no closer than where the factory mount them. I will move mine down to after the Y pipe but last time I looked it wasnt going to be easy as fuck all room around in my tunnel (little car life) Dave - that idea of rigging the sensor up to a relay powered by the oil light is fantastic! I shall do that. For now I have disabled the sensor on the ECU and just running off the maps. Will be interesting if it makes much difference to economy or running.
  16. nah I think its still ok as getting messages from others. In other news- I need seatbelts and have noticed Datsun wagon has some in the back. sweet. They aint self retracting but neither are the ones in Viva one so Im used to it. Race belt life.
  17. ....is pretty much all you need.
  18. Get in before sam destroys it in a derby.
  19. I just sent you a PM about a local Lada just taken off the road. Its a complete wagon.
  20. Glad you're still at it though. LSD were made in limited numbers for the larger axles but spendy and rare. I think Geoff fitted an escort axle (english or atlas?) so he could find lsds cheaper and easier. ask him.
  21. Thats odd. I just sent a message to someone else and it worked fine? Try my email.. my user name at hotmail.com
  22. Oh come on.. don't be a tease!!! Please please please start a thread. HB Torana. MATE ! wow. pretty rare thing then! Yeah at least start a simple thread and throw up some photos. Ive said it before.. there just aint enough Viva content on OS.
  23. Ah yeah I remember earlier conversation with you about how the 1159cc engine you had been using was not too shabby for daily use. I think I'll be ok so long as the engine is in ok condition.. this I wont know until I first drive it. Our problem is that for the most common trip over to Motueka involves a bloody steep hill with no passing places. I don't care how fast I get up but all the locals might.. I can always just go the slightly longer, less steep, way via Kaiteriteri and cruise