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  1. They can be bolts and straps and can work on any plane as long as it meets the minimum requirements. 

    Here's the relevant info for battery mounting: 

    1. Be mounted on a flat base, and
    2. Be securely retained by metal bracket / straps (insulated from the live terminal) that provide a positive location in all planes, attached with a minimum of four(4) M6 ISO 8.8 standard fixations or equivalent in combination with counter plates, or
    3. Alternatively, may be securely retained using a retention method that can be proven to withstand a force up to 25G.
    And a new bit I didn't realise about Lithium batteries: 

    Where Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are used as the main vehicle battery the following shall apply:

    1. The vehicle shall carry an external marking as detailed in Diagram 5.5 positioned adjacent to the competition number, and
    2. The battery must carry the appropriate disposal markings.

    Note: Care must be exercised to ensure that no rapid charging or discharging of the battery can occur that could instigate exothermic reaction within the battery.

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  2. 2 hours ago, peteretep said:

    Went camping at Ruapuke beach on the weekend, was some sweet gravel roads from raglan around Mt Karioi to Ruapuke. Scooter ride starting at raglan going all the way around would be legit

    AFAIK that's where the first Raglan Ride went. Raglan to Kawhia and back around either side of Karioi. 


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  3. It’s a pretty big job and proper wrap is pretty pricey. 

    Make sure you use actual vehicle wrap as it makes the job a hundred times easier. Regular vinyl will turn into a bubbly, wrinkly mess. 

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  4. 13 hours ago, datlow said:

    bunnings and blackwoods are Owned by the same company FYI 

    Coregas is also owned by the same company FYI. 

    I’ve met the national sales manager for Coregas and he said a ute is ideal for transporting gas, but a car is OK as long as you wind the windows down. Argon / argon/co2 will only suffocate you slowly, so it’s all good ;) . 

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  5. On 24/12/2019 at 22:13, TimShadboltfan27 said:

    I’m sure not many people have anything locked in for Easter 2020, pencil something in and a bunch of losers on small bikes will arrive enroute foreshore

    It’s a week after Nats 2020, so could be a stretch. 

    I’m also keen for a big SI pest though.

  6. 1 hour ago, RUNAMUCK said:

    I was wondering,

    Is it still a condition of a learner motorcycle license that you're not allowed to exceed 70kph on the open road?

    I know that used to be a thing. But it seems kinda insane to me?

    They changed that rule at the same time as bringing in the new LAMS requirements AFAIK. 

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  7. This thing got a good dose of mud and dust during Te Urewera Undertaking a couple of weekends ago. It performed great and didn't miss a beat over the whole 550km distance! 


    Only issues to report were the rack failing on Day 1 due to too much weight bearing onto the rear guard. It bent rack far enough that the rear wheel caught the numberplate and folded it upwards (folding the guard in half at the same time). The guard pulled straight (enough) and my tools rode in the service wagon for the rest of the event. 

    Notice the relocated number plate too. Hah. 



    The other issue was on day 3 when my fuel can (now strapped to the seat) came loose and blocked my exhaust! It happened just after going through a ford, so I was looking for wet spark components. The plug, coil etc were all dry as a bone and it wasn't until a few minutes later that I noticed the fuel can was blocking the pipe. It was super close to burning through and could have turned me into a fireball :D


    Such a great way to spend a few days and I'm already hanging out for the next one! It's given me some inspiration to start working on the blue MX again, so I'll start chipping away on that over summer. 

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  8. 3 minutes ago, TimShadboltfan27 said:

    I believe those waikats met their untimely demise on the Motu. @Dolan poured one out for the fallen homies

    :D that reminds me. When I was following @Dolan on Saturday afternoon a couple of cans came shooting out after a big bump. They hit the deck and started shotgunning themselves all over the environment. I was gonna try to rescue them, but it was too late. 

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  9. 6 minutes ago, JoKer said:

    I am pedantic like that & just how it's displayed

    reports goto to all admin & mods / reps usually

    would take 3x clicks to add 2019

    It would have been exactly the same process as what went on here, but without the snark (i.e. I would have posted in here or PM'd @- i5oogt - to ask). The report system is for spam bots and abuse, not requests for further info about discussion threads.

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