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  1. I did say I wouldn't start a build thread for this - but meh, am a bit bored and it'll give me a reason to document all the little things I end up fixing / changing on this.


    After selling my rx929 I had a little bit of money set aside to buy another old car.  Even though mazda's are silly money for what your money gets you, I just 'had' to get another.  Ended up being offered a 323 wagon and 323 hatch for the same amount of dollars.  Wagon won, cos wagon > hatch ... hindsight though I probably should have gotten the hatch, cos it was a lot tidier than the wagon was!

    Had been chatting with the guy in New Plymouth for a few weeks about buying it, and eventually agreed a deposit and I'd fly down and drive it back.  From pics it looked tidy ... we all know that story.

    Anyways, I arrive in New Plymouth, the guy picks me up, and we go look at the car.  Starts fine, runs ok, body doesn't look anywhere near as straight as the photos show :( 

    I ask him about the radiator "it looks pretty shit, does it leak?"  "nah it's always been all good for me".

    First round of hills I'm climbing out of New Plymouth and temp gauge starts rising ... lame.  Radiator is well and truly fucked, so I'm filling up a plastic bottle I have with puddles of water (luckily there'd been recent rain) and topping up the rad.  Rinse and repeat this annoyance the whole drive home back to Auckland ...

    Found a better 2nd hand radiator and had that patched and tested at a radiator shop, so that's all fixed.

    Long story short - probably shouldn't have purchased, but it's a wagon, and I lub old mazdas.  

    Plans will be tidy / fix the little things as they need it, find some other wheels once I've saved a bit of $$ and properly sort the front suspension as the springs I recently got made up aren't captive.  And maybe a touch lower in the back too.

    1st pic - what the guy sent me before I bought it.

    2nd pic - lower springs

    3rd pic - pin stripe I added (left overs from 929 wagon).  Will probably re-do in black.


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  2. True true, probably the more common or today's meaning of it then went over that guys head.

    I hadn't ever heard of stance until the likes of the cambered low 'flush, fitment' etc stuff became big

  3. 10 hours ago, rusty360 said:

    Built in NZ? For 125k there must be some great background around the built up! 

    Greenbrothers built shortcrank 20B PP - Tremec TKO gearbox - those alone would set you back 40k+

    Haven't seen any build pics though - there must be some floating around somewhere in internet land though.

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