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  1. 19 hours ago, johnnyfive said:

    Yeah that's a bit balls. It's not on this year's route, but a loss for sure. I don't think Ruatoria has any similar establishments open either for day 2. And there's not much on day one except Motu cafe and Matawai grease shack. 

    How about a wee back track to the Te Puia springs pub? (Not actually sure how far that is from this years route tbh)

  2. What I liked about 5he one I rode in one time is the small window in the base of the A pillar. Modern cars are all safer and shit, but those big thick A pillars everything has nowdays are blindspot city. I fucking near ran someone over on a BP forecourt about 10 days ago. They were invisible behind the big thick pillar......

    You also must wait a second longer at intersections. I've paused, looked gone to jump on the pedal and a car has appeared from the blind spot.

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  3. Nissan Tiida/Toyota platz.

    Quite roomy and ergonomic for their size. Probably good on gas. Reliable. Plenty of wrecked ones for parts. 

    A mate owns a few as part of his rental fleet. He swears by them. 

    Plus when you're riding in it, you cant see how ugly it is.....

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  4. On 22/09/2021 at 21:41, MopedNZ said:

    Hey guys. 

    I made a video of me hooning the FX125 and gave it a clickbait title. 

    Actually quite cool looking into the history of the road. Managed to find the ‘95 stage maps and the Motu was divided into 2 x 20KM ish stages. 

    McRae won there a couple of times. And Ken Block even has 5 minutes of an NZ vlog  dedicated to the time he drove to the Motu in a Ford ranger - went half way over and then back again. 

    Anyway. Inspired me to dig this out and throw it up because I never really used much of this footage.   

    Less than 2 months to go!



    I'm not sure if I should say thanks for letting me relive the memories, or fuck you, cos now I got fomo for this years ride?


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  5. 21 minutes ago, jackeo21 said:

    That's a super tidy VF. Very nice!

    I inherited this one off pop back in 2008. All original slant 6, March 1970 car. Has been the family cruiser for years, going in for a WOF recheck after lockdown.

    Pop bought it second hand in 1971, it spent its life down in Palmerston North for the better part of 37 years.

    Column auto BW35, all standard spec with a stainless exhaust. Double bench for max cruiser. A car I will keep forever.

    Excuse the govt. issue plates ;) 


    Thats beautiful!!

    Top tip, dads was a factory slant too. The top speed is a tiny bit higher with the foot just off the floor. Having the kick down not fully kicked down squeezes a few more miles per hour out of the stinky old bw35. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, jackeo21 said:


    The truck is a recent purchase, although there is a possibility that I'll sell it within the space of a year, so I didn't want to create a short lived project log.

    Here's a photo!




    Sell your chev truck and buy this!



    Pics of VF coupe too please?

    My old man has owned this since '81 or '82. I've run a 12.5 in it.Screenshot_20210921-162046_Gallery.thumb.jpg.6966670018c5d2479b390320a73b5dd5.jpg

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  7. Yes yes yes!

    If it's an OG '68 engine, it might have slightly higher compression. The later ones had piss weak compression, through a lower compression height on the pistons. (Most were 1.720 inches) which puts the slug quite far down the bore at tdc. If you pop off a rocker cover, there will be a casting number cast into the heads.  The last three digits denotes which model heads they are.  Theres a beaut how to thread in the small block forum at for A bodies only (it's a sticky thread) entitled "318 head porting for the average joe" 

    The guy there got his flowing enough air to support 410hp iirc. (I havent read it for a while) 

    Since you have nice headers, give the ports a tickle, fit a cam, (go for like a Comp XE262 or lunati voodoo equivalent, unless you wanna also fit a hi stall torque converter too)

    A nice 4bbl manifold will also help. For a mild build I'd say an edelbrock performer, performer RPM, or if you can find one an Edelbrock LD4B/LD340. (Port matching would be required with the LD340)

    Which your shifts, the fitment of a trans go TF2 shift kit is standard practise for the torqueflite. (I'd be curious as to if it's a 904, or if it got the heavier 727 cos it's such a big beast of a car?) As for your carb, a Holley 465 4bbl is a nice size for a mild build. I wouldnt go much over a 600 for a cruiser. People are shockers for over carbing their engines. A smaller carb has higher air speed through the venturis, which gives great bottom end throttle response. (I've got a 390 cfm on my 318, and it's super punchy down low)

    Mopar or no car!

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