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  1. I would day those vertical lines on the piston are from burnouts. 

    No air passing over the fins while doing those stationary load tests means the motor get hot. The pistons expands in the bore, and forces the oil out from between it and the bore. Which causes that kind of galling. 

  2. Are you going to fill in the floor of the intake ports Dan?

    Vizards book about making these motors breath say the floors of the ports are dead space. Pretty sure @nismo.capri filled the floor on his old Van's head. (That thing was quite jolly peppy too!) He reckoned his head out flowed the one in the book too. (Not that any two flowbenches will read the same)

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  3. Have killed a motor or two, I can relate to your present situation. 

    In my case, the car was sent to the naughty corner until I could muster the $$$/fucks to start again. In your case, option B is take donations from willing people. Even if just to score another stock bottom end to see your car back on the road in only 1 weekend. (Assuming it's not raining)  this thread is more entertaining than sky TV.  I'd chip in $30 happily.  It really feels like we all share in your success. 

    And every blown engine is a learning experience/scars have the power to remind us that the past was real........

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  4. With all the jet skis being scrapped to build those mini jet boats, and all the worthless Chinese 50cc scooters with busted plastics around it woyldbt be too costly to have a go at building on of these.

    I'd be shit scared of catching an edge and getting high sided though.

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