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  1. Speedy88

    Beach Hop 2019

    I'll be coming to this on the Sunday, seeing some friends in Waihi and dragging them along on the day. I'll post a pic of my ugly mug closer the time incase you bump into me.
  2. Speedy88

    Space to do repairs near Invercargill?

    Alright, awesome! I think we're heading up to Mt Sunday anyway for predictable tourist reasons so I'll give the coast a miss. Top tips!
  3. Speedy88

    Space to do repairs near Invercargill?

    All sorted, many thanks @kyteler for the garage tour and help
  4. Speedy88

    Space to do repairs near Invercargill?

    Legend! Thanks dude. Speak tomorrow.
  5. Speedy88

    Space to do repairs near Invercargill?

    Thanks, that would be awesome! I can work around you on time. I need to fit a new ball joint, rear shock eyelet bushes and deal with the surface rust on the front rad support. Ball joint not a problem, a proper jack would be helpful if you've got one. Bushes should be easy enough but a vice would make life easier if you have one. The rust I'm not so sure about. Is it normal to just grind down and paint here? It's just surface rust, I'm kind of surprised he failed on it. If so, 10 minutes on a grinder if you've got one would be great.
  6. Speedy88

    Space to do repairs near Invercargill?

    Well, I should have all the parts by tomorrow, most of it is pretty straight forward but I'm happy to hang around for a day or so
  7. Hi chaps, Travelling around, just done my WOF and failed on a few minor things, nothing I can't sort myself. Failed on surface rust on radiator support panel. Anyone got some space near Invercargill that I can use in exchange for some beers? Maybe some power tools? Also - does surface rust need to be cut out here? In the UK we just grind it back and paint.
  8. Speedy88

    Posture/lower back support cushions

    Alright, thanks. I keep hearing good things about the McKenzie ones and it looks similar to what I'm improvising with, I guess I'll try that first.
  9. Chaps, anyone else like me have issues with lower back pain? It's sort of not been a problem up to now as all my cars in the UK have been squashy big luxury barges with nice seats. However, the Serena I'm currently running around in has cheap old van seats which aren't doing me much good. I tried the SCA back cushion from supercheap but it's a bit shit, a bit like sitting up against a breeze block. I've already been burned for $23 doing that so I'm a bit reluctant to risk the ones online from AU/USA/China. Anyone got some suggestions for something that's actually worked? Once I've stopped roadtripping so much I'll probably buy and bolt in something more comfortable however it's not all that easy on the road right now. For the meantime, I'll continue rolling up and sitting against my towel.
  10. Awesome! I'm just about to make it down that way in my travels. Is it easy to find?
  11. Sorry for asking a question a little unrelated to your car but what's the deal with the deceased estate with all the cool old cars rotting away? Is there any chance of me getting in there for a wander around with a camera or is it a "who you know" kinda deal?