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  1. In terms of the suspension, you'll get better results by fitting shorter shocks as they're probably bottoming out. Also see how much clearance you have on the bump stops (get a fat mate to sit in the boot and bounce the rear up and down). Cut down the bump stops if there's issues there but leave yourself some level of cushioning for those big yumps in the road.
  2. For those I was talking to - photo evidence of the Lotus Excel door midnight kebab run.
  3. Finally getting around to reading through this, great progress! Awesome build.
  4. Standard British optimism. Hope of unrealistic expectations. Mutter "typical" when it doesn't work out.
  5. Can we book the sun for next time? Great to meet you all
  6. Sweet as, I'll PM you my number if you don't mind passing it on next time someone mentions it?
  7. Moving to Wellington soon, anyone know of either decent places to apply to or vacancies available in the motor trade? I'm a mechanic by trade but I've done valeting in the past too. Just thought I'd check here before I drop CVs around.
  8. I'll be coming to this on the Sunday, seeing some friends in Waihi and dragging them along on the day. I'll post a pic of my ugly mug closer the time incase you bump into me.
  9. Alright, awesome! I think we're heading up to Mt Sunday anyway for predictable tourist reasons so I'll give the coast a miss. Top tips!
  10. All sorted, many thanks @kyteler for the garage tour and help
  11. Thanks, that would be awesome! I can work around you on time. I need to fit a new ball joint, rear shock eyelet bushes and deal with the surface rust on the front rad support. Ball joint not a problem, a proper jack would be helpful if you've got one. Bushes should be easy enough but a vice would make life easier if you have one. The rust I'm not so sure about. Is it normal to just grind down and paint here? It's just surface rust, I'm kind of surprised he failed on it. If so, 10 minutes on a grinder if you've got one would be great.