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    When I was first using paint stripper I didn't let it dry enough and then hit it with a wire wheel with no face protection. Sprayed my whole mug, it started to sting, realised the error of my ways and sprinted inside to the shower just in time
  2. Curious as to whether anyone has tried hardening small steel jigs/tools and the like. Ive read about the process, get red hot, quench, bake, but I've read a fair amount of things on the internet that don't exactly work at home. I wanna make a few custom jigs for work just for drilling holes in the right places. Made about 20 over the years though and they don't last. Can I do this at home with little bits of flat bar? Drill my holes, throw em in the embers of the fire till they're hot, quench and then bake them in the oven? Waste of time?
  3. Glass cuts are usually clean anyway. The real problem is if you get shards deep in a cut, because your body doesn't reject them like a thistle etc, it can heal over and it won't erode away. Few of the old timers reckoned they had bits still in their hands
  4. This joker I used to work with in the glass industry, decided that the best thing to do if he cut himself was to spray meths on the cut. It sterilized it, he reckoned. So every now and then you'd hear him go "aaah", hand would shoot in the air, other hand would grab the meths spray bottle and he'd stand there and wince away while he sprayed meths into his open cut.
  5. I know you're supposed to have them upright when in use, is there any danger or problem with laying it down to transport as long as it is secure?
  6. Ended up buying a little tank version, it appears as though it will work well, the pressure is really good. The media I bought (medium crushed glass) clogged the nozzle immediately so I guess that's not the right stuff. The little bit that initially got through had immediate effect though, straight back to bare steel. I took the nozzle out to make sure the stuff was flowing through, and it was, but the nozzles with it are all tiny. Bit more trial and error required but I think it will be good for doing the seams.
  7. Thanks for the info. My compressor runs fairly frequently while painting so it could struggle. Do you think it could be a reasonable idea to use something like what I linked just to go over the seams and some other areas which a wire wheel can't get the angle?
  8. Are you referring to this style Or are these type of things also like pushing shit uphill? https://www.topmaq.co.nz/38l-sand-blaster-pressure-tank-aisa2515?gclid=CjwKCAiA-9uNBhBTEiwAN3IlNMUHsIQMzx8hfr3d54BNtWDAUKAlxYr-YTIHdyUrem0-y99V51moJRoCEG8QAvD_BwE
  9. I think I know the ones you mean, just a gun and a pipe. I'm looking at this type of thing Is that what you mean by pot or are these shit too?
  10. As long as they actually work in principle I'm happy to get one even if my current compressor won't run it
  11. These are the specs Power: 3.5 HP/ 2625W Motor Speed: 2800 rpm Tank Capacity: 60 L Max Pressure: 8.0 BAR/ 115 psi Displacement: 435 L/Min Free Air Delivery: 320 L/Min Net weight: 68Kg Pump Drive: Twin V Belt Pump Speed: 950 RPM Cylinders/ Bore x Stroke: Triple / 65 x 46mm Vessel Volume: 60 Litres I think it sneaks in for the blaster I linked. Those units work in principle though? Cause I can access a better compressor and will eventually get one.
  12. Anyone have experience with these smaller units? Example Need something to clean out the fiddly areas where I can't get a good angle on a wire wheel, but depending on how effective, I would really like to strip a lot of the vehicle right back.
  13. Was making a body line into the a pillar, going really well. Then I noticed some of the epoxy flaking away really easily. I had done some spot tests on the other stuff and it seemed solid, but evidently once there is an edge exposed it just peels away. I guess it has a hard surface with very little adhesion at all. Guess I fucked up the prep, wasn't clean enough or wasn't keyed up right or something. Gonna have to redo it all again. The firewalls gonna kill me. Bit heartbreaking. Thats life I guess. Might take a long spell and save up for a little sandblaster to make the process easier. Feeling pretty deflated, think I'll need to walk away from it for a bit.
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