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  1. Managed to get a decent section of the floor up to a higher standard, bought some 1.2mm steel which has been a game changer. I'm going to have to go right outside of the perimeter of my original welds to get some of the parts right because I've over-worked the original floor and it's too thin in spots. Taking 2 steps forward and 1 back at the moment but its keeping me entertained and away from the booze. I've run out of gas for the week so I'll just make patches tomorrow. Does anyone know if there is a tool that can do more fiddly and precise cutting?
  2. Can anyone give me any ideas as to what is the error that causes this slight dipping into the weld? I'm not overly concerned about it because it's the floor but I would like to fix what I'm doing wrong before I get to the more cosmetic parts
  3. I'm gonna have to do this all again, I've been cutting patches out of an old bonnet and i didn't take into account the curvature of the steel, everything is sitting a bit high from the edge. Also no matter how slow I went, the edges pulled in right by the weld, but only on the patch side, which suggests to me that the steel may not be high quality enough for this purpose. In any case, I've stopped blowing holes in everything and worked out a good process for getting my patches bang on. Next week I'll stop being a tight cunt and get some new sheet metal, and do it all again
  4. Bit annoying to have to do this to a new machine but it solved the problem. Fucked about trying to find a leak in the regulator when it was hissing because of a leak in the machine itself. The hissing was just the gas passing through. Who knows how much I've wasted. Just have to learn to spot weld now, gonna go see the local panelbeater and see if he has a few tips, he uses the same welder.
  5. Anyone know how to get this piece out?
  6. I found the problem This is the inside of the connector to the welder. You can see a little brown spray coming from one part of it. I gave it a slight nudge with a spanner to tighten it and it just about fell off.
  7. You'd expect the soapy water trick to work in that instance though, right? I'm leaning towards there being something loose inside the machine itself and the hissing at the regulator is just the gas passing through. If I turn it right up, the sound is loudest at the machine itself. I'm tempted to take the cover off and look in there but i don't want to fuck up my warranty
  8. If I crank the gas right up, the welder itself hisses like fuck. My brother seemed to think a leak anywhere could cause the regulator to hiss. Don't know what I'm doing wrong but I've done fuck all welding and I've hemorrhaged gas, that i am sure of
  9. That's interesting because the l/min side isn't zeroing despite being at the right orientation. It wasn't something I picked up on when I first used it but could be the fault. I wonder if boc will send me just the gauge, I'm still within warranty.
  10. Tried the soapy water trick and couldn't for the life of me find a leak despite an audible hissing. Everything is tight, even the gauges and the bung on one side. The sound is definitely from the regulator itself and not the hoses. Cant work it out.
  11. I'll look into that for the next bottle thanks
  12. I'll try this tomorrow. The main thread shouldn't need tape right? It has an o ring on it
  13. Straight argon. Yea it hisses quietly as soon as I open it. I've checked the fittings and they're tight, maybe it is a faulty unit
  14. I just went and made it a lot worse, time to call it a day. Think I'm gonna need a bigger argon tank too. Thanks for the advice guys I'll have another crack tomorrow
  15. Thanks I'll give that a go. Why is that? Is the paint heating up and affecting the cleanliness of the weld?
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