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  1. So the orange skoda will only live on in my dreams amidst regrets of the one that got away...
  2. So how much is left there now? Are we all too late?
  3. So I’m safe for a few years, that’s good to know.
  4. Seized and temperamental......Its a fight I dont really want to keep on having. Also because of European madness the release is on the passenger side.
  5. Do I have to book a time, or will you just turn up unannounced?
  6. I've finally had enough of struggling with the bonnet release mechanism on the Saab and I'm thinking of removing it and replacing it with bonnet pins. Now I dont want to get into a philosophical debate about how ugly they are or awkward etc but I'm interested to know what the rules are around them? For example, if I have the pins do I still need a secondary catch on the bonnet as well (which the Saab still has)? Or can they just be used as the only mechanical system for holding the front of the hood down? (Theoretically it isn't as much of a deal on the Saab anyway as the bonne
  7. Show me your Swedish bits..... Admittedly via Britain but its the thought that counts. Bill at SaaBits is an all round GC and will be getting much more of my money. Was asked when it was going in. I replied "When the outside temperature gets over 20...."
  8. As I'm an old cunt Im waiting for it to get lighter and warmer....
  9. Episode 104: Loading up on dem carbs.... So after a weekend of migraines and feeling shitty I decided that some progress is better than none (no shit, Sherlock) so decided to get all down and funky on the carb. After a pre-emptive raid on @h4nd's toolkit I dodged the rain showers to wrestle off my prize.....Strombergs finest (175CD for those following along at home). This afternoons trick was to get it in bits ready for a bit of a clean (come in @Mr Vapour, I've got a job for you!)....and much to my surprise it looks like, despite having sat in a paddock for the last 10 year
  10. Bay...Bee.....Saab do-do-di-do-di-do.... Not much of an update, but thanks to the dynamic duo (aka @Carsnz123 and @JustHarry) Agnetha is now back safely tucked up at home. She is now up on stands at the front end and, with Haynes in hand, I have started disassembling the front suspension. Or at least I was until I ran out of tools and talent (will be on the scrounge for a breaker bar this week...and possibly some spanners). Oh, and the bonnet and front grill are now elsewhere to facilitate access to the donkey. If any one is interested, I have for sale some of the bits I
  11. I am such a happy little Saab Barry.... (Thanks to @Carsnz123 for grabbing the book for me plus turbo sharns....yes, one day we will...)
  12. Yep, even finding the inner and outer sills are available is another weight off my mind.
  13. Firstly, apologies for previous histrionics.....I promise they wont happen again....much.... I was pretty crushed Wednesday night though and on top of a few other things happening (mostly financial) it wasnt a good night. However, I thought it best to get my head around what was actually going on and see what the actual story was......come in, the internet. I had a dig through my parts manuals to see where the truth lay.... So the worst area is where the inner guard (4) meets the floor (2).....and apparently its quite a well known spot for the 99's to rust out as I found t
  14. Was going for Baja Spec...install a roll cage and go off road...
  15. NZTA shows 10 currently registered, who knows how many are hiding in garages or under hedges....
  16. Well, things took a major turn for the worse tonight...... But first, Look! A Flying Saab!! With help from @Carsnz123, Agnetha was dragged out to what he refers to as his "Wednesday Night Barry Evening".....and boy, there was much swooning as she was lowered off the trailer and onto the hoist. "Look, thats a Triumph engine in there, but they put it in backwards!" they all exclaimed, chuffed with their cleverness. Everyone was taken with her shapely lines and stunning good looks.... And then things started to fall apart....literally. A bit of gentle prodding around the
  17. Link to Facebook page? Clean forgot about it to be honest, but would have been keen for a sharnfest.....maybe a reminder on here a week before?
  18. I'm trying to fight the urge to go in and survey all the Skodas to see if a single example could be frankensteined from all the hulks. @Triumphant worth a look? Or are they all too far gone now? I was last in there a year ago pulling out the Saaaaab.
  19. I've got some info somewhere on how to tickle up a 998, first 2 fixes were the air intake and the Exhaust (Stage 1) kit.
  20. Rust is listed as a spare part in the Haynes manual. Reading through this makes me miss my mini.....
  21. Whats the entry cost? It will have to come out of the housekeeping.....
  22. I have seen the words "Lada" and "Burnout" in the same sentence before, but probably not how you intend.
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