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  1. Got the body to my olds in Timaru amd the oldschool freight network looks like it’s going to get it to Auckland. Always risky buying sight unseen but it’s a good one. That good in fact I’ll have to consider using this rather than fixing the GT shell. Bit of a dilemma.
  2. I have another old Mk 1 GT Cortina with dead rego but still have the original ownership papers and body tags. The number plates are long gone. How hard would this to be to register?
  3. Boot floor going back in. Once finished off on to the rotisserie for blasting before final weld off. Both rear quarters have been file finished and loo superb.
  4. Scored a complete body off the Tard and it’s in Invercargill. Just organising to get it bought to Auckland. It has a mint front end and rear quarters which will solve most of the issues with the GT shell. Caught up with the engine builder and dropped off all the bits I have. Block has been bored to 86mm and sleeved and he reckons it’s running Telstar pistons. Apparently an oldschool mod from 30 years ago! Plan is to linebore with BRM steel main caps and the crank just needs a polish then he’s working on sourcing a set of replacement pistons. I am getting the bottom end balanced as well. Once the bottom end is assembled we will sort out the head. Focus is on getting the 2 door panel finished and then to the paint shop so I can’t start putting it back together as 2 cars in parts is a bit of a mare with bits everywhere.
  5. Export shell. All the UK assembled export models had them plus the NZ assembled ones. Additional strengthining substandard roads so to speak
  6. I know of a place to park up in Penrose outside my office but no food or coffee close by..Problem is the traffic is just so fucked in Auckland and unpredictable.
  7. Or use the old school capillary tube that slides between the radiator hose and the radiator flange
  8. Bugger all progress. I have ordered new sills, boot floor and other repair panels for the boot from Ex Pressed Steel in the UK. The front panel is still an issue and I’ve been trying to get this Mk 1 in Tauranga that’s on Trademe. It’s an auto plus it’s deregistered but the guy that owns it still thinks it’s worth 5.5k. Ive offered him 2.5k but he’s not budging..
  9. Just take it to any radiator shop and they will tell you if it’s fucked or not. About 4-500 for a new core
  10. Check the radiator. Core could be all blocked up if it’s old and not been used for a while. Going by you saying that it took bugger all water to top it up, I’d say the radiator is fucked.
  11. More progress with the boot floor being removed which showed up some rust in the rear chassi rails. One side has been repaired and the other well on its way.
  12. 66gt


    Resene do a marine grade epoxy which is as hard as the hobs of hell. I’m using it on the underside of my Cortina and then top coat over it
  13. Found these pics of the Cortina just after it arrived from Christchurch after buying it. An old Barry had owned it therefore the rags over the carb. He also had adapted an HQ Holden air cleaner to fit which I should have taken a pic of and was the first thing I threw in the skip followed closely by the mudflaps and door mirrors.
  14. Went to have a look at the Cortina today and more good progress. Front end all fitted off ready for final gapping and welding. Rear quarters removed for dipping and the whole lot very clean underneath so well impressed. RHS boot floor needs a replacement section and then it’s mount the body on the rotisserie for blasting before final rear panel fit off.
  15. Can’t you make 1 reasonable engine out of the 4?
  16. You could always dry sump it.
  17. Buy a tube straightener if you want it perfect. Plenty on Ebay and TM
  18. Nah I’ve owned it for years and so time to just get on with it. Focus is to get the 2 door panel finished and then do the panel on this. While the 4 Door is getting panelled the 2 door will go to the paint shop. Currently can’t do anything as 3 weeks into 8 weeks of my right leg in plaster so bloody frustrating to say the least having to rely on family to drive me everywhere.
  19. If it’s an 68 it would be probably close to being the only one left and with all the original running gear.
  20. Steampunk to the max. Loving it.
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