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  1. Finally got into the guts of it this weekend, stripped the body of all the running gear and engine, interior seats etc. Found the sills are rusted out on both sides so will have to replace them. the rust was cut out and replaced by an inch of bog!! the front has had a decent nudge at some stage and both radiator supports have been mangled and then straightened out, but they need replacing or a whole lotta work!
  2. Hi All, i have started stripping the celica and found a few areas of rust, sills were cut out at some stage and full of bog. some front accident damage that has been repaired at some stage through it's life. I have decided to get the shell dipped in Rotorua once the running gear and everything else is pulled off. does anyone have a donor TA-22 body? mainly after front panels that headlights bolt to behind bumper. also recommendations on old school panel beater to do the rust repairs??? cheers
  3. yeah that downfall of dipping is what concerned me too....might just stick to media blasting.
  4. Hey Sheepers. Thanks for the advice, the shell is actually pretty good so far i took to it with a sanding disc to check the usual area of rust like around the windscreens, sills, and boot. all seem ok, some surface rust only, so pretty lucky there. the two worst areas are at the top of the pillars/ roof junction front drivers side and rear passenger side. the other area is a few holes in the passenger sill. car is mostly complete just need to find a lower half of the dash/glovebox that is missing if you know of any around?? The 3T fired up first pop after 3yrs in storage so thats gd too. lots of fun ahead!!
  5. Can anyone help with advice on best way to get to bare metal? i have heard of dipping the body once stripped, what kind of dipping do i want? or soda blasting etc? anyone got pros and cons?
  6. Hi there, just started a project on a TA22. Would be great to have any advice as i get started on a full strip and rebuild. Cheers
  7. Hi everyone. just grabbed a TA22 to rebuild as my first project. would be grateful for any advice!! looking to restore it to its former glory with the addition of some new bits and pieces. - strip back to bare metal -deal to the rust -new interior -new engine -to be decided but either 4age or 2t-g -lowered on alloys this is basic outline lots of research to do and advice to be sought.... I have my own garage set up for the work and have a fair bit of mechanical/welding experience so hope to enjoy doing as much as i can when i find time. cheers