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  1. Do some of you find that the picture quality leaves a little to be desired on some of the cheaper cameras? My boss had an older one that produced images too fuzzy to read number plates off. The other day he showed me a recording off the one he has now and it's great. I can ask him for the details if anyone is interested.

  2. 1 hour ago, xsspeed said:

    what about just general charging? I used to have an old charger that would force a charge into any old battery (although they might not hold much of a charge) but on occassion this seemed to breath life into a battery that was otherwise gone. The POS charger I now have is only good for topping up, any dead flat battery it just says fault


    1 hour ago, cubastreet said:

    If you jumper the dead battery from another battery for a second when you hook up the charger it will usually get it going.

    Did this last night cos wife left the lights on in her Laser. Four year old battery was flat as a witch's tit. Fancy modern charger didn't want to know, just said fault. Hooked up another even older battery that had a bit of charge in parallel with the flat one and it worked. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, Sunbeam said:

    I often wondered how those small wheel TKs go.

    I had one for a couple of years in the early '90s. Original 214 petrol and four speed. Top speed on the flat 35 mph but didn't like to take it over 30. Fuel consumption averaging 10 mpg. Real stump puller diff gears. Almost never used first gear unless heavily laden. Perfect truck for town deliveries or hay making. Rolling roadblock on the highway.

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