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  1. Mattress in the back for sleeping works just fine in a wagon too. I bought a wagon cos it has all the passenger capacity of a sedan and can also do most of what I'd use a ute for if I had one. 

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    Love this. Perfect family wagon. Is a clear coat to protect the patina worth considering or would it just look wrong/spoil it?

    My wife doesn't quite believe me when I tell her Falcon was introduced for the '60 model year as Ford's new small car alongside the full size Fairlane/Galaxie range.

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  3. Crap picture of a tidy HQ Premier that caught up to me on the Rongahere road and finally passed me on the Qtown side of Roxburgh. Had plenty of opportunities to pass before there. Can't have been in a hurry.


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    FWD transverse straight 6 in these

    Yep. Grandfather had one back in the day. Traded a Mk3 Zodiac for a manual Tasman then a year or so later traded that for an auto Kimberley. Reckoned they're good for an honest 100 mph. All down hill from there though. Two Allegros then a Civic which I've still got. 

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