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  1. No they have been retrimed black damit, im currently stripping the black vinyl spray off the door panels what a shit of a job. Maybe some thing will turn up one day or I may try get them retrimmed in something similar to the photos you have put up.
  2. Yea my car is nz new ill have to check what month it was first registered in 75.just need to get me the tan interior now hint hint.
  3. Well that explains a crap load about my car,its a 75 ,it has tan hoodlining and door panels that have been sprayed black also the fuel pump is under the l/r guard with original mounts,also has a savanna front bar.it also had the holes for the fender mirrors in the front guards. Dont dye the brown i will quite happily buy it off you or do a deal with my interior.
  4. Good to see another genuine one being kept original,no turbo and big wheel shit.I so want that interior mine was originally a brown interior but someone sprayed it incl the hoodlining. Crazy question my 3 was from chch and was painted a similar colour to yours in the late 90,s and was also revinned around the same time just thought you may have known of it.