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  1. Good work on the wof! Just in time for this Sundays meet huh? Hahaha
  2. Our next meet will be Sunday the 18th September. Cruise to Kohatu flat rock cafe. I'll aim to get there around 12 pm Nelson people will meet at wow car park from 11am, start the cruise around 11.20 I guess motueka people will travel up the mot valley so meet at the clock tower around 11am and cruise off whenever suits you guys. I'll add this one to fb also Cheers and I hope to see you all there. This means you Alex and Hannah, we miss you xo
  3. To be fair I was 2 when his show stopped, But I still got the reference. I figured it was something along those lines, either that or you and Kevin had left Hannah and gone wild in the Marahau hills. How does the 9th September sound?
  4. Sorry guys, I've dropped the ball here and will sort out a meet after hanmer. How about the cruise to the owen river tavern? Or something a bit closer?
  5. Well to be fair it sounds like it would be Mr Anglia4 and I if we did a meet. It may be best to wait for after hanmer and I'll organize a proper meet. I'm not sure what's happened to Alex/Hannah though Too cool for oldschool Alex??
  6. No plans as yet, We have all been quiet lately. How about just a simple pub meet?
  7. Yes I'll never be as deep in that vagina as you have been.
  8. Bitch I'll marry your mum just to make you my stepson!
  9. Awesome! Roof shout?? I have been impressed by the amount of pull finger you have done this week. Makes me feel stink for doing fuck all to my bus.... over the past year.
  10. Yet another site that my LTD doesn't exist on. /ling
  11. This sounds awesome! You better order some more explosive cannonballs. Oh and the bus will need strengthening to support the turret.
  12. Ltd's reverse lights have never ever worked and it's never failed a wof for it. I once looked into getting them going but when the complete rear of your car is a brake light I've never had a problem with people not seeing me or lack of vision at night.
  13. Never thought the daily would be requested for a photoshoot!
  14. Found his thread //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52383-jibs-87-e30-24v-31l-stroker/
  15. Next time I'm under there I'll have a look and confirm the gearbox. Cheers for the heads up, I'll send him a message. There is a metric fuckton of info out there on the line but someone that talks kiwi could help. Cheers
  16. What you see in the pic is what I got. I don't have the front or rear lights, but there is interior/dash parts if you need any of that
  17. How about another run to the private museum in Takaka? That place is fucking epic!!
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