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  1. Haha due to us all being slack cunts I think we will switch it to meet at the drag day by rabbit island on Saturday as mentioned earlier. I'll put up details tonight
  2. Thanks guys. I do want to change the wheels but I think I'll go down to 15s. I like the bbs mags but they are so popular that it puts me off. As for the springs it's actually quite low already, but it's wheel arch low... not body low. That and I've just put an engine in that has a lower sump than what came out, I think I'll cut and wing the sump at some point.
  3. Now was time for wiring, I searched and searched the Web for the perfect swap diagram but couldn't find it. I ended up finding one that made the most sense and followed it. Filled up all the fluids and connected the battery, no smoke so great start. All dash lights working as they should so removed fuel pump relay and wound it over to build oil presure. Threw the relay back in and the shed roared with the sound of a M50 with no exhaust, sending the dog running for the hills. Glorious times indeed! Now for the exhaust. After a bit of fucking around I turned to fb world and was given a pair of e36 zorst manifolds, one still needs mods to clear the steering knuckle but at least they point in the general vicinity of where they need to be. So close to actually hooning the cunt
  4. Next for the engine was attach E36 engine arms, new oil filter and test thermostat, Seal up leak in the oil dipstick tube and slap the gearbox on. Then it was time to slip it in. This took a few tries before everything was in and connected and without interference. Final result was one M20 engine rubber and one E34 engine rubber to lean the engine over a little for brake booster clearance and one replaced power steering line after it was crushed by the sump. Hooked up all the heater hoses, connected up the e34 throttle cable, fuel lines, m20 fan and radiator. A quick trip to supercheap and I had a pair of suitable radiator hoses (both ford units) So it's currently looking more like this
  5. It's been a very interesting 4 day weekend. Definitely been challenging! Within 2 hours a friend and I had removed the dirty old tappy M20b20. I then machined the back of the flywheel to clear the M50 sump, losing a kg of flywheel weight in the process. And then attached a fb special Luk 2000lb 6 puk clutch, new spigot bearing and throw out bearing
  6. What's people's thoughts on this? There doesn't seem to be much interest so should we just switch it to a pub/cafe somewhere with a drive?
  7. I've been gearing up for the engine conversion and this labour weekend is the chosen one. I believe I have everything I need and in order to complete the task. I'll try to remember to take photos along the way. $100 M20b20 Glorious M50b25 Fun times ahead!
  8. I have emailed Mark and awaiting a reply. Yes that was fun, I'm also keen to do it again
  9. Thank you kind sir. Ahh I didn't think of labour weekend. Maybe we should change the date? It's not like we are set in stone or anything. Mussel Inn sounds fine. I've never been either so why not? Alot of people take advantage of the long weekend... I'm even tempted to do a M50 conversion haha
  10. Ok. The private collection has been confirmed for Sunday the 23rd of October. This one will be a gold coin donation for entry, anyone that went last time will confirm that it's worth every cent. I will need a rough idea of numbers also so if you're keen then let me know right here, right now. I won't fb slam this one as it is some guys property so don't want any chumps attending. I'll update with meeting times etc tonight Chur!
  11. Good spotting. Its a 1971 Ford Galaxie 500 so the very basic base model, I watched the series just for that car Haha
  12. Haha I just noted that 72 has had a high stop lamp fitted. I don't think that I'll ever need one as the complete rear if the car is a stop light
  13. And a 72. But thanks Trevor, it all helps with the motorvation! I did see the black 71 country squire at kaikoura hop but didn't find the owners, maybe next year.
  14. Look! Look! I actually did some stuff! I know, I'm just as surprised as you are. Degreased and painted the engine bay in the finest paint in all the land, I'm talking about Black zinc of course.
  15. Hmm interesting, pics of plaque please? Sounds like a good combo in your one. I would assume with those mods that the boost restricter has been removed. 2 min job and it doesn't comply with the "Gentlemans agreement" for Japanese cars. If the VIN starts with 1xxxxx, then it's a Nismo car. I.E. BNR32-100xxx where 100001 to 100560 were used as numbers for the Nismo cars.
  16. Fine choice sir! Looks good. Black one has a r34 engine which I've just fitted steel turbos to after sending the rear turbine wheel down and into the muffler. HKS super silent exhaust HKS hard piping kit HKS large intercooler It used to have a Bee R limiter sticker but my tests tell me there actually is no rev limiter. Fucked I know! Boost restricter removed. (Is your one still fitted?) Has a really nice feeling clutch/box/short shift combo which almost feels gated its that tight. Came into the country as a N1/Nismo replica so it had the N1 headlights and front bumper but it was involved in a nose to tail so they were replaced with original items. Also has the Nismo spats/skirts. Brother in law got dark at me when I told him to stop calling it a Nismo, It's not a Nismo. It's got a badge that says Nismo but real Nismo built GTR's are all gun metal grey and I'm fairly certain they don't have rear window wipers either. It failed a wof on a few suspension bushes so they are saving for a full kit.
  17. This be the log I've acquired. It's my sisters and she lives in Oz so I'm the "GTR Manager"
  18. I do like me a good gtr. I have possession of a r32 with a r34 engine but it's been in the wrong hands and needs the love.
  19. Good times! While we were hauling ass from Murchison to Hanmer in the pouring rain I noticed something that I thought looked fucking cool. I assume it's down to the giant fan kicking up water but she generates a V shaped rooster tail from the centre which doubles in volume as it hits the water getting flicked up by the tyres. I did want to try get a photo of it but driving kinda got in the way of that. I did enjoy the hoon after cruising most of the day.
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