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  1. Na I haven't, If I did that I would ruin my chances of inheriting a sweet 1955 Bedford bus.
  2. Watch it blow up? Or watch it burn more fuel than it does anyway? I could do fit multiple rotors and modgies just for you Alex, but I don't think I could tell my parents that I'm gay. (Disclaimer: I do appreciate rotors for what they are, they are just not my choice of propulsion)
  3. Yesterday ladaspeed helped me lift the featherweight bonnet off so I could start stripping her down. Today I only managed to remove 3 things from her today, which I was quite impressed with! Here's the 3 removed items Now the car looks like this! My bumpstops work extremely well! The length from the front of the bumper and the front of the engine made me laugh
  4. I took this for a quick hoon today and it really is quite smooth and lovely to drive. More importantly I will answer the question that is on everyone's mind. Yes it is slammable, and I think it's a must.
  5. While the chevette is a fine example and I do feel that I need a oldschool daily I'm not sure that a chevette is the answer. But I may as well see how much you are offering for me to take it off your hands
  6. The LTD has been letting me know over the past year that it's time for some love and after breaking a valve spring at Nats I knew for sure that this was true. Iv parked her up and removed the shocks and springs to see how a airbag setup would look in full slam Rear ride height before... Rear ride height after ...[/url[url=http://s1372.photobucket.com/user/sidewaysickness/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20150703_161203_zps9s4vi5nq.jpg.html] I get the feeling it's time for a bare metal rebuild so watch this space
  7. Is the engine out of a R34 gtr?
  8. Wow! If it's the wheels I'm thinking of wasn't it about a year ago that I picked these up for you? Did it take that long for them to get to you? Sorry no help on repairs though
  9. I hope you have a replacement water pump fitted for this weekends trip to pelorus?
  10. Sounds good. I will either be in the daily Rolla or jump in with someone else
  11. Yet another awesome meet! I feel that it should be essential for every Takaka run. Thanks everyone for making it happen and a special thanks to Mark for calling the guy with the collection. Hopefully we will see him and his kermit the frog on here soon. Here's my pics that aren't repeats of everyone elses That was well and truly the LTDs last run for a while, She started running like a bag of balls by the end of that I suppose I need to get try get the volvo legal.
  12. Awesomeness!! My boss Dylan (ladaspeed) knows alot about these here vehicles. escort lsds go in with minimal modifications, bla bla bla go speak in deep Russian accents with him!
  13. Actually I could get hold of the golden bay collectable car club and let them know we are coming over??
  14. Sounds good. I'll try to get a few people in my car to lighten the fuel bill. This will be the last run for the LTD, she's coming off the road for some much needed love
  15. If your wheels do fit, we have a powdercoating booth at my work in brightwater and could possibly do you a deal
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