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  1. Thanks again everyone! Excellent roads for an excellent day! Since my car is on shed guard duty I was the car slut of the day and jumped into almost every car there. I loved the fact that out of the 8 cars we had along today, we didn't have a manufacturer double up. (I included Will's shuttle but he was kind enough to park it well away so he didn't steal the show) Pics
  2. I have a trick up my sleeve in case your Hino pulls away on mine, throw open the engine cover beside me and start feeding it Nos recovered from whipped cream canisters
  3. I have the same kind of steel fan on the ltd. I've honestly never heard it. I have always wondered why they are a X shape rather than a + shape. Anyone know? So answer must be add more cubes until fan is no longer audible.
  4. Good man! If The pog can't make it I shall ask to borrow the super snipe and you can Co pilot.
  5. Our next meet we will be taking a drive following the Westbank road all the way up to the Batton bridge, crossing over onto the Motueka valley highway and following that into Tapawera. Stop in at the dirty ol Tapawera tavern for refreshments and to let the locals bathe in our awesomeness. Sunday 11th October Nelson people meet at Jacks Tyres in Richmond at 9.20am leave around 9.30. Motueka people meet at the clock tower/Repco at 10.00am and wait for us city folk to arrive. see you there!
  6. Haha that's funny! You could always do your dream build with it too! Rotary Flares Dumpy Zorst And of course... modgies!! Oh and I can't forget the white interior and camouflage paint job
  7. I could weld in a panel if you find one. School mate had one of these, spent stupid money on it and did skids everywhere. Then he got the tip off that the cops were on their way to seize it... so the dick axed it pretty much in half
  8. Haha that's right! It's the worst gearbox iv ever pulled out!
  9. Yea I did read that thread and thought I had better come over and drop a fat corolla skid/check them out
  10. Actually no I can't because our monthly meet is that day
  11. I guess you could do that but it seems like alot of work when I think an almost undetectable repair would suffice
  12. Alright so... I've pretty much stripped the whole thing out now. Yes there is areas that need attention but nothing that I didn't know about so she really is still a solid old whale. pics Pulled the engine and gearbox out. Wouldn't surprise me if its the first time the gearbox has seen daylight since being fitted! Good times!
  13. Today I set about fitting the German Sunmover solar panel. The idea is that the panel is controlled by magic so its always pointing at the sun, they claim to be 3 times more efficient than a fixed panel of the same output. The filthy roof before I started (note the tv aerial shoved out the hatch, I pick up the digital with that shit lol) You can hardly notice the clean spot Being a fiberglass roof I didn't think it was up to the challenge of supporting the weight of the panel and the controller, So after giving ladaspeed a quick dutch rudder he let me cut out a 800x800 square of 3mm sheet steel. This will sit between 2 of the internal framings so the weight shouldn't be an issue now. The sheet had a bit of surface rust so I killed the rust and painted it with leftover Hilux paint Brought some spendy and strong double sided tape and used that and alot of silicon sealer to fix it to the roof Attached the mounting plate using the same method as well as 6x 12g screws that go right through the fibreglass roof, add more silicon Mounted the panel and controller So now I need to run conduit and wiring to get that bitch online
  14. Well dayum son. If your going how could I turn it down?
  15. Also will you be bringing some form of guitar? I've heard your voice makes angels cry
  16. Ford has never specified exactly what it means, so there are alot of ideas on what it means. Lincoln type design, luxury trim decor, lovely to drive, limited and of course little tiny dick
  17. Did you make use of the nipples and grease that old girl up? Or you couldn't find the grease gun?
  18. The engine and box is almost ready to come out, I really need to build a overkill engine stand before I take it out so I have somewhere to put it. A package arrived from Merica containing the LTD badges for the bonnet and 2 tail lights, problem now is that one of the lenses has a hole and a crack in it. I knew about this before purchase as I was going to use part of my current red/orange lens to repair it, the nice American lady was kind enough to throw in part of a broken centre tail light so I will use that instead. I now put it out to oldschool.... what's the best way to repair a cracked lens? Do I cut a hole as small as possible around both the hole and the crack and try my best to match the replacement piece? or cut the broken lens straight in half and glue it together with the repair piece? Any good experiences with a good clear glue? Loctite 401 good enough? ‚Äč
  19. Speedy sleeves for speedy fix
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